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Gurus Lie, Results Don't

The most important factor in spirituality is not how much you know or practise. It is "Anubhuti". Direct perception. Realisation.

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14 Years of Ignorance Wiped Off In A Second

Dear Vish: I just wanted to thank you for your program that has help me in so many ways. I must say that I am quite amazed of the results that I have experienced within me and around me….

Your teachings are extraordinary and most rewarding. You have a new way of thought mentality that I did not know existed or had considered until I started reading your book and every chapter just kept me more and more intrigued because I was realizing of how wrong I had been trained by many other teachers or books. I once more want to thank you for my life changing exp... "

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The Spiritual Guide That Has Been 5500 Years In The Making.
I discovered your works about 4 months ago and have been obsessed with reading them ever since! Words can't describe how much they have changed my attitude and thoughts and how much they have taught me

Alicia Nalevanko

Bhagavad Gita For Breakfast

It is 6.00 am in the morning. My bowl of cereal and a read of Sri Vishwanath's book. Sri Vishwanath's writing on the Gita is sweet as the strawberries in the cereal. Sweet, palatable, easy to digest and will be with me all day. I love its practical approacy to the most important lessons. It will be a bedside manual for me I'm sure. So happy to discover this"

Owen Patrick

It is Truly All One Needs...

"No matter what anyone has read, studied or listened to yours is not an additional source" It is truly all one needs"

Margaret Fergusson UK

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