Why few souls are free?

(And why most others bound?)

Are you stuck up in life because you don’t know how to get rid of suffering?

The good news is you can eliminate suffering from your life more quickly than you think. You don’t have to spend hours sitting in meditation fighting a losing battle with your emotions.

The key to making a strong comeback in life isn’t endlessly controlling your mind and negative emotions. Instead its understanding the system of manifesting Bliss directly by bringing in the power of deep sleep and dream into the waking state.

Love for Self and God is vital. So how do we move ahead?

You can gobble up the free stuff or dip your toe in the paid ones

Either way you are covered.

How to Enter into Superconscious state even if nothing is working for you in your meditation

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What makes Bhagavad Gita University different?

The one thing that separates Bhagavad Gita university from others is the lightening fast recovery from suffering and loss through tiny incremental knowledge.

Whether you read a book or do an online course, listen to the podcast or join the Magic of Bliss newsletter you’ll find an elegant system of knowledge in place.

It is a system of Knowledge which does not focus on adding more information and increasing your intellectual burden.

Every topic is designed to quickly remove ignorance from what you already KNOW and speed you to Bliss.

Every sentence that you read and every minute that you LISTEN will help you to not only learn but retain and easily implement the spiritual realizations in the most challenging times of your life.

I’ve spent way too much time meditating in the early years of my life trying to control my mind. I am sick of the constant pressure in spiritual seekers to search for superior spiritual experiences than directly realizing the Self by loving God.

The reason I set up this website was to bring a sense of simplicity to complex topics such as self-realization, purpose of life, altering emotions, wasting time in endless meditation, false ideas of God and deeper topics of Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita.

You’ll discover the Magic of God for yourself as your heart melts into Bliss.

Where to start?

It will take you not more than 20 minutes to read it

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Here are few feedback from the book

The Spiritual Guide That’s Been 5500 Years In The Making

“I discovered your works about 4 months ago and have been obsessed with reading them ever since! Words can't describe how much they have changed my attitude and thoughts and how much they have taught me.

When everyone else is busy going to church service, I am busy reading your books as my church and learning 100 times more they will ever attempt with their antiquated interpretation of scriptures.

Thank you for being a beacon of light for me and my spirituality. After reading hundreds of books of literature on this subject, I can say finally that I've connected with someone and their truth!!” – Alicia Nalevanko USA

It is truly all one needs…

"No Matter what anyone has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an ‘additional source’ – it is truly all one needs.” – Margaret Fergusson UK

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