Hello and welcome to episode 116 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about a secret tweak we can use to make this world a great place to live.

Today’s question comes from Becky and she asks “what is the easiest way to bring peace and harmony to the world?

Thanks Becky that’s a great question. We made three episode about changing the world so I will link you to them and you can watch them after this episode. The answer comes from the great ones. They answer does not come from solving terrorism, corruption or the economy. Solving these problems is important but they are down the list. The real problem is that the minds of good people are being disturbed. This is the secret.

Peace everywhere

To have peace in the world you must have peace in every single house and to have peace in every single house you must have peace in every single mind. This is the secret. There is a saying that says if you stare at a monster long enough you become a monster. If you stare at God for long enough you become God like. The bad things only make up about 20% of the world so we must follow the 80:20 rule and not worry about them.

Economy and corruption are only important to the heads of state and to politicians who only want to corrupt people by bringing things to the forefront. This stuff did not bother people 100 years ago. Even though we have so much more technology and a better standard of living we are still not happy.

This is because the great ones say people are compromising on dharma. They are not following the rules of dharma. One of the rules of dharma is that a man must respect a woman’s spirit. That’s why there is no peace in the house and this is why the minds of both men and women get disturbed. The great ones say there are three things: time, men and women. The say that in this day and age time does a simple tweak in a woman’s being. We need to understand that tweak and then we can bring everything to order.

I want to share a story about how through wisdom, we can achieve great things. We can achieve great things without money and power. This is the story of lord Shiva. He is the seer of destruction part of the cycle of create, maintain and destroy.

Around the world

Lord Shiva had two sons. Ganesha the elephant god and Murugan. One day they had one fruit. Both Ganesh and Murugan wanted the fruit. The fruit could not be split, it had to be eaten as a whole. Shiva decided to hold a contest and the winner would have the fruit. The contest was to see who could go around the world the fastest.

Murugan’s mascot was a peacock and Ganesha’s was a rat. When the race started Murugan immediately took off on the peacock. Ganesha wondered how he was going to do this with a rat. He used his wisdom and he said that his parents were God’s themselves so if he goes around them once or twice he will have gone around the world because he would have covered all manifested and un-manifested. So he ran round them in 2 minutes and said he had won.
Shiva said that it was not fair but Ganesha argued that this was the case. They both represent everything thing in the world so he had in fact gone around the world. Shiva had to admit he was right and gave him the fruit.

When Murugan came back he was upset and went away to a hilltop for months. That hilltop is a revered place in India. The key here is that Ganesha did something wonderful. He used his wisdom to complete his task in 2 minutes. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about doing one thousand things. It’s about doing one thing right.

3 karmas

The great ones say there are three states of awareness in a woman. The first is called Kama Radha. This means the seductive nature of a woman. This is the lowest state of awareness in a woman. Time tweaks the awareness so that they are full of desire. The body and mind are predominant and it influences the man. The woman will want to control the man and the man will want pleasure. The awareness is low in both of them. In this age 80% of women are at this level of awareness. They use their body mind and intellect to express themselves and then this is what the man sees.

The next stage is called Prema Radha. This is known as motherly affection. In the sattvic times, time will tweak the awareness so they will move from the body, mind and intellect to motherly love. They are no longer interested in lust they want to express love like a mother expresses love to a child. When this happens the man will also look upon the woman as a mother. He will then develop a very healthy attitude towards her. There will be less of a need for pleasure and fulfilling desire and more of a move towards real love and respect.

They both will grow together and when that happens frustration and anger will just fall away. This simple tweak of knowing the real cause can change everything. Vivekananda says that no man who thinks of a woman as his wife can ever perfect be. Any man that just sees a woman as his wife is doomed because he is not practicing dharma. He is not really respecting her spirit.

In the same way a woman who stays at the level of Kama Radha will never be happy because she will not be fulfilled spiritually either. It is only when her awareness rises to the level of motherly love that she will be happy. When both are happy love increases and pleasure and frustration will disappear.

The third state is Nitya Radha where a woman is completely absorbed in the consciousness. This is a peak level of awareness. This might be achieved by few but it is important to be aware of this.

So all that needs to happen is for women to make this slight tweak by bringing out this motherly love – Prema Radha. When this happens everything will fall into place.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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