Hello and welcome to episode 143 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about artificial wombs

Today’s question comes from Paul and he says “I’ve watched all of your videos on life after death. Scientists say that there will be artificial wombs within 30 years. What does spirituality say about this?

Thanks for watching all the episodes Paul and thanks for the great question. Vivekananda says everything in nature is bound by laws so whatever has happened today must have happened earlier and must also happen in the future. All of nature is bound by laws.

A cycle

The BBC news channel did a documentary on the city of Dwarka. This is where Krishna resided during his time here which was about five or six thousand years ago. If you can find the documentary you should watch it, it is really interesting. They found this city under the sea and there they found beautiful carvings. On the carvings they found images of aircrafts. This was six thousand years ago! I am telling you this so you will know that just because something is discovered today does not mean it did not exist in the past. Everything is a cycle.

So this idea of artificial wombs already exists. It appears in three separate episodes in the Mahabharat. One is the birth of Karna who was one of the sons of the Pandavas. The second is Drupad who was a king and the third was a wise sage. I won’t go into it in too much detail but just to show you that it has happened.

Drupad was a king who had been humiliated by the teacher of the Pandavas. Drupad wanted to take revenge so he wanted a son who would be strong. For whatever reason he could not bear a son so he approached a sage and asked him to be blessed with a son. So the sage took the sperm from him and the egg from his wife and put them in a vessel. They put it in a fire oblation and then through the prayers of the sages and their power a child was born through that vessel.

So remember that all the important things that scientists think they discover have already been discovered. We are not discovering anything new. It’s already there but it is just hidden for thousands and thousands of years.

Another example would be the law of gravity. It existed long before newton claimed to have discover it. Others before him had figured it out and utilized it because it was already there.


Remember all intelligence is in the consciousness. Whatever ingredient one uses already has the consciousness and the intelligence inside it. Scientists are not creating consciousness or intelligence. Consciousness and intelligence is gifted to us and must be shared. There are a few bad scientists who are trying to make people believe that intelligence was created by them.

Any elements used happen because of the intelligence of the consciousness. The sages knew what they were doing and they could replicate it to all humanity but they didn’t they kept it to those three cases because this was a secret, highly guarded process. It was kept hidden because the sages knew if they whole world knew about it, it would be a disaster. There would be terrible repercussions. Scientists never stop and think. They never think of why these things were kept hidden from the world. They just want all creation to be attributed to them.


Scientists are not doing this to help mothers and father who are baron to have children. They are not really concerned about the parents. They just want to project the fact that they think they have this power to produce children outside the mother’s womb. It’s just to prove something. However they don’t understand that whatever they use already has the intelligence of the consciousness inside of it. Everything is already there so it cannot be discovered.

They say they discovered this and that but that is not the truth. It is not discovered by them it is discovered through them. It is not because of the scientist. It is because of the consciousness. It is very important to remember that the sages did everything for the good of humanity. If it did not benefit humanity as a whole it was guarded and kept a secret. For a good reason.

These scientists have intelligence so they should apply their brains to reduce anger, hatred, fear, pleasure and greed. They should be trying to increase love, awareness, productivity and all of the other good things in this world. They could do this if they chose to because God has gifted them with the amazing level if intelligence.

It’s the small percentage who ruin it for everyone. They only want to attribute these discoveries to themselves even though they have been discovered earlier. No matter where the child is born the jiva will still be with it so why is it such a big deal? This is the problem. They are too focused on things that do not really matter.

Not created

Never make the mistake in thinking that intelligence is created. No one can create consciousness and all the intelligence is already housed within it which means no one can create intelligence either. What is important is how we route and divert that intelligence for the good of humanity and to make this planet a better one to live in. The few bad scientists are disrupting the whole thing and making it about them. They are wasting their energy.

It’s sad but that’s the way it is. They are creating all of these useless experiments and they forget that at the end of the day all anyone really wants is to be happy and free of fear, anger and revenge. That is what we really want. Krishna says we are not thoughts and emotions. We are not action and inaction. We are not creation and manifestation. We are only supposed to discriminate between real and unreal. The only thing that is real is the consciousness. Everything else is just the mould.

The most important thing is that you come back to the shore. That is what the great ones did and that’s all you should worry about. Everything else has already been discovered before so it doesn’t matter.

I hope I answered your questions. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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