Hello and welcome to episode 101 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about astrology. Can it change your destiny? What does Krishna say about it?

Today’s question comes from Stephan from Australia and Stephan asks “can astrology really change my destiny? I have been told by various people to wear rings with certain ruby’s and stones and to perform certain rituals. Does it really help?

That’s a really great question Stephan. There are so many misconceptions around this so I want to through some light on the whole thing. I want to start with a story.

The charts

There was a king who ruled very beautifully in south India. One night all the weapons in the kingdom glittered in the night. Everyone was amazed at this site. At the same time one of the minister’s wives had given birth to a son. In India after a child is born the parents bring it to an astrologer to consult the birth charts.

The astrologer told him that his son would become a robber and become a threat to the kingdom. The minister was so upset. He didn’t know what to do. He was very loyal to the king so he went to him to explain the situation. He said he would rather the child be killed than be a threat to the kingdom. The king showed great compassion and told him that it did not work like that. The king explained that he can get the best education and training so that he will make good choices in life. The minister agreed and he brought his son up in the best way possible, giving him the best education and training that he could.

The sage

When the boy was 19 he was sent to university to greater expand his knowledge of spirituality. He went to another sage in that university to learn his studies and he really impressed everyone with his knowledge and conduct. He was so successful that the other students became jealous of him and his closeness to the sage. To take revenge they poisoned the mind of the sage against him by telling him that his favourite student was having an affair with his wife.

His mind was poisoned so much that one day he went to his room and saw the boy. He was talking about verses and explaining them to his wife. There was nothing absurd happening but the sage could not see this. His mind was poisoned so much so his anger shot up and he grabbed the student by his neck and shouted at him to leave this place. The student pleaded with him. He tried to make him understand that there was nothing illicit happening between them but the sage would not listen and insisted that he left.

This was considered to be the best university in the country and he was regarded as the best sage. When the boy was thrown out word spread of what he had supposedly done. The boy was devastated, he cried through the entire journey home. When he reached home he told his father what had happened as he was sure he would help him. He was wrong. His father was disgusted and told him to leave. His father felt that he had given him the best chance in life and he had still let him down.

The boy didn’t know what to do. He had been thrown out of university and now out of his own home too. He couldn’t even stay in his own home town the people there ridiculed him as well.

He left the town and came to a hilltop. At the top he met a thief who grabbed him and demanded that he hand over all of his belongings. The boy had been through so much and he just couldn’t take anymore so he drew out and boxed the thief. At the same time a thought came to him. He could become a thief. He could have all the money he wanted and not have to sorry about studies or family. He could be free.

A destined thief

This thought took over him and from that moment on he became a highway thief. He robbed every person he met on the highway and as a calling card he would cut off their little finger. He then took the fingers and made a necklace out of them and hung it around his neck. From this point on he became known as Angulimala which translates to garland of fingers.

Word spread far and wide of this dangerous criminal and many avoided travelling for fear they would encounter him. Some people had no choice, they had to travel so Angulimala continued his reign of terror, killing people and cutting off their fingers. The king had sent an army to try and stop him but he destroyed them all single handily. He was able to use what he had learned from the sage to overpower them all.

During that time Buddha had camped in the kingdom One day he had travelled alone through the region where Angulimala lived. When he came upon Buddha he again demanded that he hand over everything he had. Buddha ignored him and kept walking. The criminal turned and asked him why he was running away. He told him to stop or he would kill him. Buddha turned to him and smiled. He said, my child it seems that you are in a hurry because I am walking very slowly but you cannot keep up with me.

No one in many years had referred to him as child or any other endearing term and it shocked him a little bit. He was still angry though and again insisted that Buddha give him everything he had or he would kill him. Buddha calmly said, if killing me will make you happy then by all means chop off my finger, kill me and be happy.

At that moment Angulimala tried to pick up his knife but he could not. He had lost all of his savage power. Buddha’s radiance brought all the spirituality he had learned in the years before to the surface. He fell at the feet of Buddha. He had done what an army of thousands could not. They had used force and had failed. Buddha used his grace and radiance to humble him.

Angulimala then became his disciple. Many years later when he was back in his own town begging for alms. He knocked on a door and a child opened it. He asked the child to go to her mother and ask her for alms. The child explained that her mother had been murdered long ago. She replied that Angulimala had murdered her. When people found out who he was they threw stones at him. He eventually died in the lap of Buddha.

So it is written, so it shall be done

This story is important because what was written came to pass. Even though his father tried his best, he sent him to the best school and to the best sage the events still twisted to align with his script.

So why is astrology useful? Astrology is very powerful because it refines your environment and prepares you for the journey. Once you know what’s ahead you can prepare for it. When people know what’s ahead of them sometimes it can cause fear so you should be careful in using this as a tool.

So how can astrology know such things? Our consciousness based on gunas intelligently chooses our time of entry into this earth. Our birth takes place when the planets are in a certain position. Each planet represents certain personality traits and influences the behaviour of a human being by working in conjunction with the gunas.
Any astrologer can tell you what a person’s gunas will be depending on the alignment of the planets at that very time. A good astrologer can look at your chart and see your timeline. They can tell you what to expect so you can be prepared for it.

However just because they know your gunas does not mean you can change your destiny. No power on earth can deconstruct your baggage. You cannot destroy the gunas because it comes from time. It can be identified but no one can destroy it other than your own consciousness. So when you wear a ring or a stone or perform a ritual you are acknowledging the fact that this is your gunas. This will ensure that you have a better chance of falling back on your consciousness and asking for help at the critical time. When you ask for help you will get it. The rituals alone are not enough. You need to fall back on the consciousness. Astrology is not the solution, it is a tool to help you remember to take shelter in your consciousness.

So things will happen not because you wore a ring or performed a ritual but because of your timeline. Use astrology as a tool to help you be prepared and to get in touch with your consciousness.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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