Hello and welcome to episode 43 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk to you about change. Why does change take such a long time? What is Krishna’s secret to rapid change?

Today question comes from Linda who lives in Australia. Linda asks “Why does change still take so much time? With all this intelligence why are we still slow to accepting higher truths .Why do I remember my consciousness and then forget it?”

Thank you for your question Linda. I can tell that in spiritually, you are quite advanced. Congratulations. You are really ahead of the game! This is the last step. One push and you’ll be on the other side.  Let’s see what Krishna has to say about change.

Krishna says “deprived of knowledge as a result of cravings man tends to worship other deities and tends to follow other disciplines constrained by their inborn nature


So what are cravings? Cravings are like a block. For example if I place my hand in front of my face you won’t be able to see my face. I know if I remove my hand you’ll be able to see my face. It’s as simple as it gets. I can remove my hand as many times as is needed for you to be able to see my face. It’s the same with these blocks.

These blocks are the reason why change takes so much time. You don’t need to do anything you need to just remove that block. Try it.

The great ones say “Attachment to objects develop when ponders over it. Out of attachment develops craving, out of craving develops wrath and out of wrath- delusion. When this happens memory fades, intelligence perishes and destruction reigns”

The word “attachment” is used often and if you understand its true meaning you’ll be one of the greatest human beings on earth! When your mind spends time pondering, even for a short period, an impression is formed and an attachment is developed. Out of that develops craving and then wrath. They are all blocks. This will prevent you from getting in touch with your consciousness. When you understand these things you’ll be better able to control them.


Consciousness follows

Remember these impressions are like billions of waves that have collected over a lifetime. If you tried to remove each wave one by one it would take many, many lifetimes so we must do it by remembering the following:

Your consciousness follows you everywhere. All you have to do is remove the block just like when a room is dark you switch on the light. Remember a block is really just an illusion in the darkness. When you turn on the light the darkness disappears immediately. It doesn’t matter that the room was dark for millions of years. It still only takes a second to see the light. Similarly, knowledge is also only a second away.

Remember your consciousness follows you everywhere. Even when it feels like no one is with you, your consciousness is. You’ll never be alone when you’re in touch with your consciousness. See through your consciousness if you want to really see the world.

Your Thoughts are Naked

Think of it this way. If all of your thoughts and actions were written down for the world to see, you would change immediately! If you saw your anger laid out for the world to see you would think strongly before becoming so angry again.

If we could see all the silly stupid things that come out of our mouth we would really think before opening it the next time! We’d feel so embarrassed!

Unfortunately our thoughts are not being recorded and no one is watching so it is up to ourselves to be mindful of our thoughts and actions.

The undivided appears divided

“In all it exists undivided and yet it appears divided…” says Krishna.

Remember that there is something inside you that exists, undivided that exists in others also. This is the Jiva the consciousness and this same consciousness that in reality exists undivided appears to be divided because of the blocks. Our blocks are the lens, the window through we come in contact with the world. These blocks make the consciousness appear divided



Let’s take for example two people. Vish and Royden

Vish       =     Nature of Vish + Consciousness of Vish

Royden =     Nature of Royden + Consciousness of Royden

When the nature of Royden sees the nature of Vish there is duality, differences. Nature of Vish has blocks and nature of royden has blocks. These blocks make them appear different.

However when the consciousness of Vish sees the consciousness of Royden there is no division.  Change is subtle it is only a switch away but that switch could take a whole lifetime if you are not serious of exploring your consciousness

We have to remove our blocks to see the love in other people.

You Don’t exist

You must also remember that you don’t exist. Only your consciousness exists. If you stick to this belief you’ll break through these blocks.

Don’t get too weighed down by these blocks. Remember they are only appearances. The only thing you need to be aware of is your consciousness. When you throw light upon it everything becomes clear.

Take pride in the fact that you are unborn. You are without a beginning and are free from attributes and blockages. Don’t be like others. See through your consciousness. You are free.

Krishna says “Him the weapons cannot cut, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, wind cannot dry . The self cannot be cut, dried, burned or wetted…Eternal, all pervasive, stable immovable the Self Reigns”

He shines, everything else shines. Linda…you will shine too.

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