Hello and welcome to episode 125 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about effective channels of communication. How did the great one express their deepest intentions?

Today’s question comes from Cheryl and Cheryl asks “how do we effectively communicate our deepest feelings in every aspect of our lives such as money, health or relationships?

That’s a very good question. We communicate every second of every day. Our whole life is about communication. The great ones say there are two types of communication. The first one is within us, it is the silent voice in our heads. Then there is also the communication that happens outside with another person or place or goal. The clearer we are, the clearer the communication with the outside world becomes.

Be clear

To do that we must be very clear about our communication within. When we have a clear communication with our consciousness we will be able to communicate with others. Our thoughts and actions will be aligned and we will be able to express ourselves beautifully.

The great ones always say that the why is always more important than the how and the what. The big deal is in why we are communicating. It doesn’t really matter how we are communicating or what we are communicating. Remember the seer is more important than what is seen. In this case the vehicle of communication that is very important.

Emotions and vibrations

The great ones say that there are two very important things in internal communication. They are vibrations and emotions. Whenever the emotions are high the vibrations will be low and whenever the emotions are low vibrations will be high. We are all communicating through the body, mind and intellect because that is what we see every day. When the body, mind and intellect is your vehicle then it will always be emotional, no matter how sharp it is. The intellect is better than the body and mind but they all have a basis in emotion.

If you really want to get to the crux of who is communicating then it’s important to understand that if you want to get in touch with your deepest intentions your body, mind and intellect cannot do that. They are just name and form. You must become energy. You must get in touch with the consciousness. This is the only way to make your deepest intentions known.

Become sound

To reach out to the ocean the wave must become the water. So to reach out to the consciousness, thought has to become sound. Then this sound will become energy. We discussed this before, it is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Sound becomes word, word becomes thought and then that thought becomes an object. We need to reverse that process. As the wave disappears the name and form also disappears and what is left is only the ocean. As thought disappears so does the body, mind and intellect and all that is left is the consciousness.

The wave and the thought are all deceptions. It’s only sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas. So no matter how wonderfully you are communicating all you are doing is expressing your karma. You can be excellent at what you are doing but you will still be stuck up in thought just as the wave is stuck in the ocean.

Sound is all about vibration so you cannot operate through emotions and the vibration of an emotion is very low. If you want to become the sound you must become the vibration. The vibration of an emotion is so much less, it’s like the blades of a fan. It might be swinging but there won’t be much coming from it if it’s turned down low. The blades are like the body mind and intellect, no matter how fast the fan goes they will always be seen. The reverse is also true. When the vibrations are high the emotions are low and only when they are low can you communicate effectively.

To give it some perspective, there is a game called slow cycling. Usually in cycling whoever goes the fastest is the winner but in slow cycling you peddle in the opposite direction so whoever is last wins. When I played the game I would always lose because I couldn’t balance! We need to do the same thing with our emotions. We need to back pedal them. The last person will be the winner because the last person will have the highest vibrations.


I want to give you an exercise to help you. We saw in an early episode that the sound symbol is AUM. When you meditate on this sound it becomes a medium to get in touch with the consciousness. Once you reach the consciousness the how and what becomes trivial.

You can sit in whatever position you feel comfortable in and then visualise the sound of AUM. As you chant the sound visualise it touching every single part of your body, mind and intellect. Imagine yourself as just sound and not the body, mind and intellect. When you unite with the sound there will be no thoughts. You will be totally falling back to your consciousness. It will be so natural you won’t even have to try. It will be instinctual and it’s really beautiful. Emotions can be destroyed through time but the AUM cannot. It is everlasting. You will always be safe in the realm of sound. Sound will always remain.

You can build your personality based on emotions or you can build it based on sound. If it is based on sound you will be able to communicate effectively with everyone at any time. You can do this because in your case the who will be perfect. The how or why things are said will be trivial. This is why Krishna says “with the sense controlled, the mind controlled he who commences the yoga of action with the organs of action wins serenity.”

Destroy thought

Krishna also says that “its source is craving wrath. Know it to be a foe in this content. Just as fire is obscured by smoke, mirrored by the dirt so is knowledge by craving. The knowledge of the knower is obscured by this mist of craving. Its dwelling place is the body, mind and intellect. Therefore with the senses controlled, mind controlled destroy this wicked craving that destroys all intelligence.
They say the senses are noble, nobler than the senses is the mind, nobler than the mind is the intellect and nobler than the intellect is the supreme self. Thus worshiping him who is nobler than the intellect, restraining the self with will destroy the enemy within that is craving so hard to reach.”

We must destroy emotions by drawing them in and becoming the sound. When you do that you will be like water in the ocean. Do this and all communication will be effective and beautiful.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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