Hello and welcome to episode 133 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part two of our talk about environment and how we can improve our lives by changing our habitats.

If you haven’t watched episode 132 I highly suggest you watch that one first so you can fully benefit from this episode.

Yesterday we learned that the script moves the scene, not people, time or places. You have complete control of your habitat and that is what you should be working on. There are 4 habitats that you can change: the people you meet in person and online, the books you read, the websites you surf and the places you go. So go watch yesterday’s video to learn more about that.

Synchronicity vs best practice

Today I want to talk about synchronicity vs best practices. Most people think that thought is the starting point of execution followed by action and event. However we know that before the thought there is the gunas which come from the script. Gunas drive the thoughts.  We have covered that in earlier episodes.
Thoughts and action in isolation don’t write events. Thinking great thoughts and working hard are great but they all fall into the category of best practices. Even after thinking great and doing good work certain events won’t happen. This is why it’s important to understand why events happen and the difference between synchronicity and best practice.

The great ones say events happen when you apply the right skill, at the right place, at the right time but the intent of the script must be in your favour and if it is not in your favour then synchronicity will not happen and the event will not happen.

Doing vs happening

There’s doing and then there’s happening. Most people think that if they do the right thing and have the right thoughts and strategies that things will happen. That is not the case. The doing is different from happening. The doing is best practice and that is important but happening requires synchronicity. Synchronicity is having the right skills in the right place and the right time for the script. Doing is not happening. If you know this it will help you to avoid frustration and to keep going.

It’s like skills vs rewards. The rewards you see are always disproportionate. You see it all over the world. But the right skills will eventually lead you to the right rewards. Eventually, as the timeline moves your best practice will lead you to synchronicity. You need to make the distinction between doing and happening but keep doing the right thing because it will lead you in the right direction. Knowing this will help keep you really motivated because doing increases your eligibility.

I want to share a story with you. There was a person who was very ill. No one thought he would survive. They decided to ask a psychic physician to see him. He said that the man could be healed but certain things had to occur for that to happen.

Swati’s rainwater

The first thing was that the rain had to fall when the planet Swati was in ascendance. When that rainwater fell it had to enter into a human skull on the earth. A snake must chase a frog then the frog must go and jump into the skull. Just as the snake is about to bite the frog the frog must jump out and the snakes poison must drop into the rain water in the skull. They must then give this mix of poison and Swati rainwater to the man and he would be healed.

They said fine we will do that. One of them prayed to God asking for help. He told God all he wanted was that human skull. In the forest he found a human skull and he was happy as that was the first step. He then looked to the sky. He knew that Swati must be in ascendance and rain needed to fall. At first nothing happened and he started to worry. Then he heard a rumbled and dark clouds formed over his head. He turned around and felt drops of rain begin to fall on his face. He was so full of joy that he danced in the rain. So far everything that needed to happen was happening.

He then remembered the skull at his feet. He looked down and saw that Swati’s rainwater was dripping inside and slowly filling it up. Again he was overjoyed. There was hope for his friend. He knew that then a frog needed to appear so he hid in a nearby bush and waited. Not long after he heard the sound of a frog in the distance. He hoped it was coming this way. The frog came into site and slowly made its way over to the skull. The man watched as the frog jumped into the skull, he wanted to cry with happiness.

Shortly after that he heard a rustling in the bush beside him. A snake appeared from under it and was focused on the frog. It slithered across but just as it was about to grab its prey, the frog jumped out and the poison dripped into the rainwater. Again the man danced with joy that all the events had happened.

God’s will

He brought the skull to the doctor and the doctor administered it to the man and he recovered. Ramakrishna said that anything can happen if God wills it. Six different things in the above example had to happen at the right place at the right time. This would not have happened if it was not written in the script. Everything can only come together if the timeline is in your favour. This is synchronicity.

All the man had to do was be there and pray that he would find a skull and pray for rain, a frog and a snake. He could keep doing and keep praying but the happening was only because of synchronicity.

Keep doing the best practices but don’t mistake them for synchronicity and this will keep you motivated and stop you becoming disheartened.

The script

Think of a movie. In it there are 5 things: the script, the scene, the place, the time and the actors. In your case the script is already there. The place is already there and you are already in a certain time. Your thoughts are influenced by these three factors of time place and script. You are just  a medium to think the thoughts just as the actor is a medium to act the script.
You cannot change these three elements as they have already influenced the gunas and the timeline. The actor can think but he can only act out what is in the script. Whatever is in the script is what has to happen. The feeling that I can think whatever I want and do whatever I want is only an emotion and has nothing to do with the happening of events. Events happen only when ordained by the script.

So keep doing the right things and increase your eligibility. This will help bring you closer to synchronicity and manifest the karma and this in turn will lead us to happiness and get back to the shore.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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