Hello and welcome to episode 49 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about the fastest way a man can win a woman’s heart effortlessly. What is Krishna’s message to all good men?

Today’s question comes from Walbeta who lives in Australia. Walbeta says “I dearly love my partner. We have some very good times but lately we have been having some really bad arguments that spring from nowhere. Then our connection suffers. This has been happening for seven years. What am I doing wrong?”


I just want to say that you’re not doing anything wrong. This is just the nature of relationships. I have some great advice for you. Let’s see what Krishna says. I’m sure we can help reduce the amount of arguments you have.

Krishna says men can achieve purity, prosperity, grace, fame, glory, endurance patience and intelligence through women. So how do we bring these wonderful qualities out in a woman? Well Krishna says we must respect her spirit. Don’t de deluded by her body and her emotions.

This is so important. Traditionally men look upon women as an object of desire and pleasure. He will satisfy her emotions as best as he can. He tries to make her happy through body, mind and intellect. This can work for a short period of time but it’s not a long term solution. Respect her spirit and don’t be deluded by her body and emotions.

Women want love but they also want to be respected. Every man wants to be good and wants to please a woman but they don’t know how to go about it. They enjoy her body and try to satisfy her desires by giving her whatever she wants but this is not love.

When a woman is not loved she looks to have all her desires fulfilled through a man. This is what traditionally happens. The woman implants all her desires on a man and the man then gets pleasure from the women. However neither of them are really happy. The happiness is just for show. This is because he doesn’t respect her spirit and is deluded by her body and emotions.


Touch her feet

So what is the secret? Krishna says, When a man gets up he should take time to meditate and then he should do something else that’s very important. He must touch the feet of a woman. This may seem very strange but it’s so important. Every day before you leave your home you must kneel before her as if she is a godess and touch her feet.

In her feet are the following:  Goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of learning and Goddess Laxmi who is the god of prosperity. Both reside in every woman. You must see a woman as a thing of purity. You must not look at a woman as an object. You must respect her consciousness. If you don’t do this you’ll be operating from a place of mind body and intellect.

What if you think a woman is not fit for such worship? It doesn’t matter. What you think is irrelevant, you must do it anyway. She could be a horrible person with a terrible personality but it doesn’t matter. Her consciousness is still pure and full of grace.

If you do the first thing right then everything else will fall into place. What she’s done to you or said to you is irrelevant. Kneel before her and touch her feet. This will melt her heart!

Do it every day and keep doing it! Do it until the day you die!


Seek her blessing

You are doing this because you want to seek her blessing. When you do this her spirit will rise and she won’t need to chase you in order to fulfil her desires. She will be so happy. It may not happen immediately. It may take time but persevere because it will work!

Krishna says we must strive for happiness and prosperity because both together become dharma. To achieve happiness and prosperity you must respect her spirit. When you do this you’ll be able to stop looking at her as just an object of desire and pleasure.  Remember, she is a goddess.

All the great beings including Christ and Krishna give the same advice. Don’t look at her character. Look at her consciousness. Think of it as a journey towards happiness and prosperity. You must have both to be happy. A man may be wealthy because he is prosperous but he won’t always be happy. You both must be at one with your consciousness.

Make her happy by treating her with respect, seeking her blessing and kneeling before her as if she was a goddess. Always, always respect her spirit. Don’t degrade her by seeing her as an object. It’ degrades her and it degrades society as a whole. Remember Dharma will not enter a house that is not happy and prosperous.

It’s not a question of how long it will take. It may take one lifetime or it may take many. This is why you must keep doing it.

Maybe only 10 or fifteen percent will listen but I encourage all men to take the first step by doing the right thing. If men did this every day the world would change instantly. To change the world we must change ourselves.

Follow Krishna’s advice and allow dharma into your life by being happy and prosperous. Do this and you’ll be able to love her more and you’ll have a great life together.

Remember. You keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.


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