Hello and welcome to episode 26 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about energy and how to destroy low energy.

Today’s question comes from Scott who lives in Ohio. He says “I am low in energy. I read good books and I meditate and go for walks but I’m still unable to lift my energy. Do you have any suggestions?”

Energy and awareness

A lot of people face this problem every day. A lot of people go through these low energy phases. I want to share something interesting with you. I think it will help you. A word that is very close to energy is awareness. All of the great men and women say this: the lower the energy, the lower the awareness. Similarly the higher the energy is, the higher the awareness is.

I want you to take the statement “I am low in energy” and replace it with “I am low in awareness”. If you can do this it will be a huge breakthrough for you. If you do this the focus will be shifted to the inside because awareness is very subjective. It’s not objective. Remember that.

Energy is so closely related to awareness. The lower the energy, the lower the awareness. There is something you need to accept first Scott. That is that your energy is not low. Your awareness is low. This is an important step for you to take. The moment you accept this wonderful things will happen for you.


I want to share a very wonderful metaphor with you. Imagine that there is a field that has water flowing from a reservoir into the field. On that reservoir is a lock that the farmer can close so that the water does not rush into the field. Whenever he wants water he opens up the lock and water comes rushing into the field. He did not add any power to the reservoir. It was always there he just has to open it and let it out. When he has had enough he has the power to lock it again and stop the water flowing.

A reservoir

So Vivekananda says that the power is already there inside of us. It’s already in our reservoir. These little locks in the form of the body mind and intellect get in the way. These locks are preventing the appendance from flowing and filling us up. We all have this reservoir inside ourselves. It’s called the Jiva. It’s our consciousness. We sometimes close the locks of body mind and intellect and we stop the appendance from flowing and filling our body mind and intellect.

You can imagine this when you meditate. Close your eyes and imagine that water flowing into that field. Imagine yourself opening up those locks and letting the appendance flow out of you. The power is already there inside of you. You just need to open the locks and let it flow.

Remember the consciousness is full of light, love and high energy. This is its true nature. The nature of the reservoir is to be full of water. The nature of the consciousness is to be full of light, love and high energy.

So when you accept that the low energy is actually a low awareness you will begin to understand that awareness has a lot to do with association.  As soon as you associate awareness with the locks of body, mind and intellect you will fluctuate between a high and a low energy. When you shift your awareness to the consciousness it will fill with light, love and high energy.

A bank

All the great men and women say that energy is like a bank. We understand money in the bank as a form of credit and debit. So look at your energy in the same way as you would your bank account. There is a conservation of energy and then there is a release of energy.

So how is energy depleted? It happens when we get involved with people and events. People talk about other people and events and this is off no use to you. They talk about celebrities, politics, sports and entertainment. It’s like throwing your money away. You are wasting energy on these frivolous things. Your time is being wasted (that’s a conversation for another day) but more importantly your energy is being used up by these things that have no importance. Make sure you conserve your energy and use it for the important things.

Every time you draw your emotions in and avoid talking about people and events you will fill up the reserve of energy in your bank. Every time you talk about these things you’re losing money. I used to get involved in lots of social events and it really drained my energy. You must choose where you spend that energy wisely.

Be selective

You don’t need to be selfish. I’m suggesting that  you need to pick one or two things that you are good at and stick to that. That is what life is about and that is what will make you happy. So if you get involved in things out of a habit or because you think you will like it you will waste too much energy. Choose what you are good at.

So Scott I want you to do this: I want you to stop what you’re doing now. Stop meditating, reading books and walking. Stop worrying about all those things. Accept that your awareness is low not your energy. Do the exercise with the locks and the water.

Finally when you get up in the morning I want you to take a pen and paper and write down ten activities that will increase your awareness. Ask yourself what are the ten activates that will increase your awareness. Try and be really creative with this list. You don’t have to do them all. Even two or 3 things will greatly help to raise your awareness.



I also want you to read one page of the Bhagavad Gita or the New Testament or whatever holy book you choose. Read one page from a scripture. I personally would recommend the Gospel of Ram Krishna. Don’t try and read too much just one page every morning is enough for now. Do this along with listing your 10 activities and the advice I have given previously and you’ll be fine.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and ill keep answering them.


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