Hello and welcome to episode 86 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part two on the subject of distraction. Why do we get distracted and what does Krishna have to say about it?

Yesterday we spoke about the differences between attention and concentration. We spoke about why we need to erase the word concentration from our minds because it blocks energy. We need to focus more on attention because it allows energy to flow. So I highly suggest you read that episode first so you can get the maximum benefit from this one.

Remember when you try to use concentration the energy will be forced and you will tire easily. With attention the energy flows naturally and you will be able to keep going and complete any task in front of you. It’s like water. You want it to flow freely and not be still and stagnant.

Today I want to talk about the steps involved to really help you master attention. Once you master it you will become like water and you will flow freely. When energy flows freely everything will work beautifully because you will never be drained of energy.


The great ones say that there are three steps to mastering attention. The first step is called Dharana. Traditionally our mind takes control and we get really distracted and we never get things done. With Dharana you gain the ability to move your mind and place it on the object that you desire. Think of it like being on a computer. With Dharana you control the mouse and you decide what websites and links you want to click on. This is the first step in training.

So how do we do this? We do it by forming a new channel in our minds. Whenever you see hear or touch something a channel is formed in the mind. Whenever you get a repeating thought it will be moved through those same channels. So if you keep getting angry and frustrated these channels will continue to flow because it has a nature.


So to combat this we need to from a new channel. You form a new channel by completing simple tasks. Read one verse of the bible or the Bhagavad Gita, write one page on a topic or meditate on one mantra or symbol. Do this every day for 30 days and you will from a new channel.  When you create a new channel the mind can go through it at will. You will have trained this channel and it will be like your own private parking lot that you can enter and leave whenever you want.

Imagine this new channel as a highway with no traffic lights. The traffic lights represent the gunas and with them out of the way there is nothing to stop you. All of the other channels will have these gunas traffic lights that will stop you doing what you need to do. The gunas have control of these channels but in your new channel you will have complete control. There will be no traffic lights to stop you.


The second step is Dhyana. In this step you collect the vibrations but only from this new improved channel. So you move your mind through this new channel, you enter the object and you collect those high vibrations.

In normal circumstances, as you move out you will collect all vibrations, high and low. If your vibration is low you will collect the other lower vibrations in that area. Constantly collecting these low vibrations will destroy a person.

In the Dhyana stage it is very important that our mind enters this new channel and enters an object to only collect vibrations from that object.  So whatever you want to master, it could be work, a goal, music or anything else, you must only collect vibrations from that object.

You place your mind on that object and you keep it there for a long time. Then you resolve to collect the vibrations from that object. You are drawing the vibrations from that object only.


Remember sound become words, words become thoughts and thoughts become the object. This is how manifestation takes place. This is how every object is manifested in this world. So in Dhyana you meditate on that sound of the object you want to master. This could be a separate episode in its self but I’ll keep it simple for now.

So form the new channel, collect vibrations only on that channel and then meditate on the sound of the object you want to master.



Step three is called Samadhi. This means that you become the object. This means you gain the ability to manifest the object from the sound. Let’s take the example of a song. What is a song? It contains sounds and in Dhyana we meditate on those sounds. We know that if we strike the cord and make the right vibration then we get the note. So this is it what it is, getting in touch with that sound. Then we meditate on that sound. Then we strike the right cord to make that vibration to produce the note and then the sound. You immerse yourself in this sound and this will allow you to manifest the object.

The great ones used this to achieve enlightenment. They would create a new channel to reach their consciousness(Jiva)  and then they would resolve to collect vibrations from this new channel, only from the consciousness. Then with Samadhi they merge with the consciousness to achieve the highest state of enlightenment.

We can apply the same method to anything outside as well. For the great ones Samadhi is merging with the conscious to become enlightened but most of us will not reach this stage. For the rest of us Samadhi will mean that we can use these steps to manifest the object.

It’s very simple and it’s very beautiful. Once you create this new channel you will know that you only want to collect vibrations from this channel and in doing so your vibrations will rise to a height that you would never think possible.

Once you do the Dharana the Dhyana will come automatically. So get the first step right and it everything will happen for you. Strike those cords and hear those beautiful sounds.

I hope I answered your questions. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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