Hello and welcome to episode 94 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about fears of all types and how we can overcome them.

Today’s question comes from Prudhvi and she says “I am in the middle of studying a master’s degree and I find your videos very helpful. I fear things a lot and I need help overcoming fear. Can you help me?”

You don’t mention the type of fear you have but it doesn’t really matter because I can give you some insight either way. Fear is fear.


First I want to share my experiences with you. I went to the US from Bombay as a software consultant. The work load was enormous and I always seemed to be stressed. My parents were worried about me. They wanted me to come home because health is more important. I came back home and I saw a doctor who told me I was hyper stressed. It was a horrible fear filled year for me. I was given drugs and I was so out of it all the time. I still wasn’t happy. I was supposed to keep medication with me in case of an emergency. That’s how bad it was.

I had a lot of free time on my hands because I had to take time off because of fear and stress. I got the chance to enrol on a public speaking course and I was keen to improve my skills in this area. The teacher was incredibly good. After one hour I had felt so much better that I took the emergency pill from my pocket and threw it in the bin. Listening to the speeches of the great ones gave me incredible courage and confidence and I was able to destroy that fear almost instantly.

See your fear

So I want you to know that going from fear to fearless is only a flick away for you too. It might take a while to find that switch but once you do you can cut through that fear like light can cut through the darkness.

Also in this public speaking class they recorded people as they were speaking. They would also record people’s emotions before they would go on stage. I was so nervous. I was sweating from fear waiting for my turn. I didn’t do that great but the important thing was that I got up and did it. The next day they played the videos so we could see how we reacted before going up to speak.

When I saw myself I was a little horrified. I knew I could do better than this. I couldn’t believe how afraid I looked. I knew I had to do something about it. The key is to see your own fear. When I saw my fear on camera I knew it was something I could overcome. When you see your own fear you will be able to overcome it.

Public speaking is considered to be one of the biggest fears in the world. It is greater than the fear of death even. It is a very complex fear. You are afraid of failing and of being vulnerable in front of crowd of people. I still have a little fear every now and then but the difference is that it doesn’t take over me. I know it will go.



Krishna says that every time we experience fear we must remember that at the same time there is something fearless inside us too. Every time we doubt there is part of us that is doubtless. Every time we are sad there is a part of us that is still happy. This is so important to know. Write it down and fear will never overtake you. Whenever you feel fear read it and know you can be fearless.

Krishna says “now I shall reveal to you the greatest knowledge knowing which there will be no other knowledge needed to be known. The earth, the air, the fire, the space, the water, the mind, the body and the intellect know that to be eight fold distinctive nature. That is my lower nature and my higher nature Oh Arjun know it to be other than that. I am the source of all beings. Know all beings to be born of a dual nature.”

So we are all born with a dual nature. Our lower nature consists of all of these emotions such as fear but we also have a higher nature which is above all of that. So even when you are experiencing incredible fear your consciousness is always fearless. You just need to tap into it.

Knowledge is power

The first step is knowledge, knowing this above information. When you know that a part of you is always fearless you will have the courage to overcome anything. If you believe that there is a switch in you that can be turned then you are already victorious. Everything else is trivial.

Imagine there are channels in your mind and whenever you experience something fearful your mind will create a channel and return to it whenever you experience this fear again. It is the gunas that run through these channels and push fear to the surface. You need to create a new channel in your mind. This channel will be like a fresh stream where you can collect good thoughts and vibrations from. Whenever you experience fear you can go to this channel.


So to start being fearless you can be fearless during normal times. This will help to train your mind. You do this by repeating this verse to yourself: “Him the weapons cannot cut, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, wind cannot dry . The self cannot be cut, dried, burned or wetted…Eternal, all pervasive, stable, immovable, everlasting the Self Reigns” Doing this will help you  feel strong and sure.

The next step is to visualise a calm lake. Close your eyes and see the beautiful sunlight sparkling on the surface of the water. As you do this notice those fearful thoughts coming to the surface but concentrate on the calm serene lake. Know your higher nature will always win. You can always turn to the higher nature.

Execute your knowledge

The next step is to execute in the field of action. This is where you are actually experiencing fear. Remember that something in you is fearless. Keep remembering as those thoughts come. As your fear increases you increase your fearlessness. Make sure your surface stays calm. You don’t need to know how just know that your consciousness is fearless.

Know that fearlessness is always ready to help you. It is like a friend who will put their arm around you to support you in hard times. Remember Krishna says that the self indeed is a friend of the self. When you subdue these fears your consciousness will come forth to be your friend and support you. It will only be your enemy if you fail to do this so don’t let this happen. Conquer than fear, have faith and let it be your best fearless friend. Embrace it.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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