Hello and welcome to episode 120 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about how to release negative emotions.

Today’s question comes from Wilson and he says “If you open my subconscious mind you would discover billions of negative thoughts. I don’t know why but they just seem to keep coming and coming. I don’t have the strength to do what I need to do. Can you help me?

For the next twenty minutes I want you to stop everything else and really listen to the video or read this article. I really want to help you release all these negative emotions.

The great ones say the easiest way to get rid of negative thoughts is to discriminate between thoughts and thinking. This is very important. Thoughts speeds up your productivity while thinking slows it down. Thinking is an  emotion while thoughts help you to move forward towards the action that you want to happen as there is a thought, action and then an event.
Thoughts are related to action (events) while thinking is associated to reaction to the event.

Acting and reacting

Throughout our lives we are as human beings, do two things: acting and reacting. By action I mean events that occur everyday in your life. We are always concerned about events happening in money, work and relationships. Thoughts are good because they help us move towards action but on the other side we are constantly reacting to things.
Our lives are a combination of both acting and reacting every second. The angle of how we act and react is what will give us the strength to release these negative emotions and live a great life.

The Script

All the great ones say that the events happening in your life are scripted. Think about it. There cannot be a scene (event) without a script. The script is your karma carried forward and as the timeline moves your scenes are manifested from the script. It’s not live. It’s already scripted and is just being played.
Most people think that reaction is post mortem, something that happened after the event but this is wrong. All the great ones say that reaction is live while action is scripted. If you can nail this down you will have unlocked the secret. The choice is in your hands, you have 100% control over your reactions.

Action comes from karma. It comes from our baggage. Reaction and the ability to respond beautifully comes from our consciousness. When we screw it up it comes from our gunas(sattvic, rajasic and tamasic baggage).

Control reactions

Ignorant people act first and then react. This is the opposite of what the wise ones do. First take complete control of your reaction and then act. This is what wise people do. Krishna says “he who controls the organs of action and focuses his mind on objects is deluded. With the sense controlled, mind controlled he who commences the yoga of action with the organs of action wins serenity.”
So if you act first you will be deluded because you lack knowledge. Withdraw the gunas and fall back on your consciousness. Only then should you begin your action. This is so important. We always hurry to manifest the events first while the wise ones do not begin any action unless they have destroyed thinking by getting back to the shore of their consciousness. Only then do they begin the process of thoughts-action and event. I want you to read this last sentence couple of times. I will wait.

Increase your speed of execution

The goal is to move faster and increase your speed of execution but thinking is all emotion and will slow you down.
What is thinking? I want you take a pen and paper and write down every single emotion that clouds your consciousness. Make a list of them. It is very important you do this exercise.
For eg fear, insecurity, doubt, hatred, jealousy, dejection, procrastination, gloom, craving, anger, loneliness, attraction, possession and wanting to change others. Be very specific and write down every single emotion.
All these emotions are thinking because we have put action before reaction and it means that most of our day is caught up with these type of emotions. If you can destroy this your life will be so wonderful.
Do this and your speed of thought will flow beautifully and you can achieve both manifestation and peace. This is what will make you happy. Thinking will only give you pain and pleasure. To experience Happiness you got to get back to the shore. We saw in an earlier episode that your happiness  is measured by the thoughts at the surface of your being that the gunas have pushed up.

Sattvic thoughts

To be happy you must have five sattvic thoughts on your surface. That is only possible when you fall back on the consciousness. If we have these five divine thoughts at the surface we can be completely centred and thinking will not exist. It will be destroyed.
When you have these divine thoughts you will be able to move at much faster speeds. You will then be like the wise ones, always detached and in control. You will have incredibly high productivity. You just need to get back to the shore. The shore is the best purifier. This is what the law of Dharma(spiritual law) says.

At the end of the day it is not about what you did or did not do or what you achieved or did not achieve. The important thing is how many times you got back the shore. You cannot change the events, they are already scripted but you can control how you react to these events.
Regulate your reactions first and then allow the events to flow. This way you will never be in disharmony with action. There will be no bad or good action. When you spend more time at the shore you will automatically happier. You will be completely at peace with yourself.


Remember that as thinking goes down, energy skyrockets up. When you are this high you are known as a vibration. A high vibration. When you have high vibrations you will feel wonderful. Nothing will bother you and you won’t have to worry about this happening or that happening. You’ll only be concerned with being productive and being your best self. You will have flow.

We are points of light not manufacturers of events. Energy flows through us. Thinking are obstacles that block that flow and we want that flow to be continuous. That is the key. You need this rapid constant flow of sattvic gunas to the surface. This is only possible when your vibration increases and you can only do this by destroying thinking. You can only do this by going back to the shore.
When you remove those obstacles of thinking your speed of execution increases because your flow will be constant. Thoughts are good but thinking is not. This is what we need to destroy.


I want you to visualise a scales. The heaviest thing go down and the lighter things go up. When you have lots and lots of thinking the scales will bring you down. But when you’re thinking is very less your energy will be high and you will be raised up. Decide where you want to be on the scales. If you’re low then remember that thinking is heavy. Remember if you remove that weight you will be lifted up. Try this meditation exercise of visualising the scale and going up and down… Remove the weight of thinking and feel light by moving up.

The scale of circumstance place and time will always try and tip us downward. If you refuse to be bothered by these things they will never bring you down. If you can bring thinking down then the scales will lift you up and you will have an uninterrupted flow.

Thinking is destroying us so we need to destroy it. Come back to the shore and have a constant flow of sattvic gunas. Do this and when you open your head again it will be full of happy thoughts.
1) Come back to the shore
2) Destroy all thinking effortlessly
3) Generate  five beautiful sattvic thoughts
4) Watch your productivity, and speed of execution skyrocket
5) Enjoy the flow of high vibration and experience a dash of uninterrupted happiness.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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