Hello and welcome to episode 12 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about the secret 3 step process to change your destiny.

Today’s question comes from Jason. He asks “can we change our destiny? If so, how?”

That’s a really good question Jason. So first we must define destiny. What is destiny? Is destiny changing the events in your life? If you want an event to be changed because things are not going your way – Is that destiny?

Let’s see what the great ones say about destiny. If destiny is about changing events we must realise that some events can be changed but some events cannot be changed. No matter what we do, certain events just cannot be changed.

Purpose of life

This is how the great ones define destiny. They say it is very closely linked to the purpose of life. This is really important. Whenever we talk about destiny we should talk about the purpose of life. So there is another question: what is the purpose of Life? It’s plain and simple. Krishna says the purpose of life is to see God. We will talk more about seeing God in later episodes but for now just know that this is the purpose of life, to see God.


People think that passion is the purpose of life. Like someone who wants to become a singer or an actor or whatever your passion or career is. A passion is important. They drive us to do well but a passion is not purpose of life. You need to make the difference clear. You must be able to distinguish between the two. A passion does not equal a purpose. Your passion is Karma, it’s like the baggage that comes with life. The only purpose of life is to see God.


As we move through the timeline we get a better idea of what destiny has in store for us. I want to share a story with you. It’s a humorous story but it’s also very powerful.

Yamaha and the pigeon

Yamaha, the God of death paid a visit to Vishnu, the God who maintains the entire universe. As Yamaha approached Vishnu he noticed Garuda, the mount of Vishnu standing in front of him at the gates. He also noticed a pigeon on the left side of the gate. He looked at the pigeon for about 5 seconds before entering through the gates.

The pigeon was terrified. He knew Yamaha was the god of death and he wondered why he was starting at him. He thought he was going to die. Begged Garuda to save him because he didn’t want to die. The eagle told him not worry, because the entire area was under is power. He told him he would take him to a very safe place where no one on earth could harm him.

He took the pigeon away to a mountain where he would be safe and then returned to the gate. In the meantime Yamaha had finished his meeting with Vishnu and was smiling as he came out by the gates. He looked at Garuda and asked him where the pigeon was. Garuda told him that the pigeon was in the mountain. Yamaha smiled and told him that was what he was wondering why the pigeon was at this gate when he was supposed to be on a mountain where he will be killed by an eagle. That was his destiny.

What we learn from this is that the pigeon was safe where he was. The fear of death made it ask for help from the eagle. The eagle then took it to a place where it was destined to be. No matter what we do, action or inaction, fear or courage will take us to the exact place, at the exact time that the event is supposed to be.

Time place and event

So there is always a time, place and event. It is futile to try and change this. The pigeon was safe at the gate but fear made it travel from safety to the mountain where he was destined to be. AS the timeline moves circumstance will place you wherever you will open your mouth and say a certain word or you will go to place at a particular time and you may have no clue as to why you did.  You won’t know why you said what you did or why you acted in a certain way. There I a lot of intelligence in the time, place thought, action and event which has happened. They are all part of a bigger plan. You can’t just pick up a thought and decide to changes. It’s already scripted for you.

There is a thought time place and event and this will all lead to a set of circumstances that have been scripted for you.

Increase your vibrations

So what do we do with destiny? What if things are not going the way we want and we want to change our destiny? The first thing you must do is increase your vibration. Before you even start thinking of changing things you must increase your vibrations. If you keep telling yourself that you don’t like how things are going or, you don’t like this or that then this will lower your vibrations. This will only lead to trouble.

So how do we increase our vibrations? There are a lot of ways. You can do it through silence, prayer, meditation or reading. Remember to do it before you start thinking because thinking is a reaction to a moment. So before that happens be aware of it and try to increase your vibration. Do this and your entire life will change. It will help you get out of that complaining mode. That mode is like being caught in the clutches of the eagle. This will set you free.


When you increase your vibrations a calmness will wash over you. This in turn will give you strength. Your thoughts must have strength. You can get over any circumstance in life if your thoughts are strong and you are calm. If you panic then there is a high chance that things will go wrong and that you will fail. Take another path. Make sure the only thing that you are concerned with is increasing your vibrations.

Yoga of action

This will prepare you to practice the yoga of action. The yoga of action is nothing but surrendering your emotions. Now you will have the power to withdraw from the scene. All that is left is to surrender your emotions to a higher power, which is the power of consciousness. When you do this you will destroy pain immediately. It will happen instantly because you are practising the greatest secret of detachment as set by Krishna. The power of the event completely collapses and you will have the power to do whatever you need to do. This is how to get the strength needed to change your destiny. Lock stock and barrel.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.


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