Hello and welcome to episode 99 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. I’m really excited that we are so close to 100. It’s been a great journey and I want to thank you all for your support.

Today I want to talk about the most powerful tip shared by Krishna for getting rid of unwanted thoughts that spring up during meditation. How do the great ones get rid of them?

Today’s question comes from Robert and he asks “I face a lot of challenges when I meditate. When I start of get thoughts of desire and hatred and I drift. No matter what they keep coming. After so many years I doubt I have progressed.

Thanks for that question Robert. It was very elaborate and well written but I shortened it for time purposes. It’s a great one and it’s also a common one so you are not alone. All of the great ones have suggestions for us. We don’t need to make huge changes just slight tweaks here and there. By the end of this episode we will dispel your desires and hatred.

If you look at the ocean the waves keep coming. You will never see the ocean without the waves. I highly encourage you to watch episode 83 where we talk about nirvikalpa. The important thing is not to worry about those waves because worrying about them will not stop them coming.

All inclusive

Ram Krishna was with Vivekananda while they were mediating. They were meditating near a factory which had a very peculiar sound that irritated him. Vivekananda told him that it was irritating him so Ram Krishna told him to meditate on that sound that was irritating him. The fact is that meditation is not about negation. Mediation is all-inclusiveness. Meditation includes everything. Meditation is about becoming the consciousness. We need to acknowledge the fact that we are trying to discover and form the gold image within. With meditation we are consciously acknowledging this fact. Consciousness is everything so you can’t leave anything out.

In episode 83 we saw that when there is an erratic wave you ask it to become the water. The water in the wave can be separated from the wave. The thought is equal to the consciousness plus the nature of the thought. If you watch episode 83 you will gain a better insight into it. So the wave is equal to consciousness plus the nature of the wave, which is erratic. So the water as in the wave can be separated. So when you see an erratic wave ask it to become the water.


So when you have an erratic thought you need to become the consciousness. That is the key. So what is consciousness? Don’t try and complicate it. When we talk about consciousness we talk about energy, a concentrated energy. Energy does not have likes or dislikes. It is all about vibrations. Vibrations can only attract or repel. Anything other than that will fall apart automatically. Energy has a certain vibration and everything else on that level will be close to it. So remember you are dealing with vibrations not thoughts and like will always attract like. Keep that in your mind.

In Vedanta you see God in everything. So the question is how do we see God in thoughts that are full of hatred or any other lower vibration? Vivekananda says this is possible. You do it by following these steps:


The first is to make a choice in you. This means that in us there are two choices, visible and invisible. We have spoken about this before. We have visualised the chariot in several episodes. We have the body mind and intellect which represents horses, reigns and you. The horses are the gunas that makes you act. The invisible parts are the script and your consciousness which is your real self.
I would ask you to pick one friend out of all of these: the body, mind, intellect, gunas, script and your consciousness. What would you pick? Obviously you should pick the consciousness. When you pick this it will be your greatest friend and everything else can be discarded. Always choose God first. Wanting to see God should be your top priority. This will be the highest vibration.

Choice on the outside

Step two is exercising the same choice in everything outside. Whenever you encounter lower vibrations remember there is still consciousness in those lower vibrations. Remember the thought is equal to the consciousness plus the nature of that though no matter how low that thought is. A wicked person is equal to consciousness plus the nature of all the wickedness around him. So you can make the choice to see God within you but you can also make the choice to see God outside all around you. When you do this you will see God even in the worst of thoughts. When you achieve this and these thoughts pop up you will still only be interested in the consciousness.

Trying to make those thoughts go away will never work. If I ask you to stop thinking about giraffes what happens? All you’ll be able to think about is giraffes even if they had never entered your head before this. All you need to do is focus on the consciousness and everything else will fall away. Don’t worry about negation. Consciousness includes everything. When you seek the consciousness you will never become irritated or distracted by thoughts because you will be only looking for God. Krishna says “that which is without me mobile or stationary exists not to Arjun.” Krishna says God is in everything, the good, the bad, the mobile and the stationary. It is all filled with consciousness.

See God

Remember one energy will never try to crush another. Energy can only respect and love. The lower forms are empowered by the gunas which is why we find it difficult to see God in them but he is there. He is just not manifested as much as in the higher vibrations so he is harder to see. We can see God much more clearly in an act of love than in an act of hate but just because it’s cloudy does not mean he isn’t there.

When you reach this stage thoughts will not affect you. You will see God on every act whether it be love or revenge and you will never be sad or angry or irritated. Your first thought will not be to get angry or irritated, your first thought will be to look for God in every situation. This will make you so powerful. Your whole concept of God will change.

When you do this you have reached the final step where you can correct things that you feel really need to be corrected. You will do it the right way, through Gods eyes.

I hope I answered your question. You keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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