Hello and welcome to episode 121 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part two of releasing negative emotions.

If you haven’t watched episode 120 then I suggest you watch it first so you can really benefit from this episode. It’s a great episode, 25 minutes long and packed full of information that will really help you.

We got a lot of questions after the last episode about releasing negative emotions and applying it in a practical way. So I wanted to do another video so I could give you even more information.

Actions and reactions

Yesterday we spoke about the difference between thoughts and thinking and how we need to destroy thinking to increase the speed of execution. We spoke about the three step process: Going back to the shore, destroying thinking and then finally executing.
We also talked about the wise one and the very important thing that they do. Our whole lives are based around events and how we react to those events. The ignorant focus on action and then reaction whereas the wise ones will focus on reaction first and only when that is controlled will they act.
The wise ones complete both the event and the reaction but they first focus on regulating their reaction before they act. They destroy thinking first, then they act. The ignorant just act and then they worry about the reaction. It’s like putting the cart before the horse.

We spoke about the weighing scales and how that which is heavy goes down and that which is light goes up. Thinking is heavy but thoughts are light. We must try to be on the lighter side by destroying thinking. Today I want to give you another exercise to make it even more simple and easy to use.

Pause your movie

I want you to imagine that you are watching a movie that you then pause. When you pause the screen something magical happens. The moment you pause a scene you start to notice things. Instead of seeing 2 things you see ten things. You’ll see more details in the characters and the background. You’ll really see the emotion on their faces. So pausing means you will see ten or twenty times more detail than when you were playing it at the normal rate. The same thing happens with our life. When the scene is moving we don’t notice things as much but when you pause the scene and go back to the shore you will see much, much more and you will be stronger because you will have a different perspective on things.

Just imagine yourself pausing your life. Imagine seeing things much clear and not having to worry about time, place or circumstance. Imagine not having to answer to anyone. When you pause you also take away worry and responsibility. When you pause, everything will just go away. Think of it like getting out of your own body. You will leave all space, time, circumstance and responsibility. You won’t have to answer to anyone, not even yourself!

The director

Now imagine you have paused your scene and all place, time and circumstance has disappeared and you are now meeting the director. It is then that you will see that the director of the movie is God.
You will then notice three important questions being flashed on the surface of your lake:
1) Who you are?
2) Why are you here?
3) What should you be doing here?
Just visualise it and keep a journal. Ask the director who you are and he will tell you that you are God; not the body, mind and intellect. Visualise it, you are speaking to God, your consciousness. Ask the questions and write down the answer. You will see that you are God and you are here to form the gold image within and not to get stuck up in passions and karma.

Your only job is to destroy thinking and then come back to the shore. Once you do that the script will be executed anyway. Once you destroy thinking and become detached great things will happen for you. You will gain such power and strength.
Maintain a journal answering those three questions listed above and write one sentence every day for each question. There is no right or wrong answer so just keep writing. Keep doing it every single day and you will see how powerful it will make you. Keep communicating with your director, be it your consciousness or another higher power you believe in. Just keep communicating with it through your journal.


When you keep the journal you will see that your thinking will automatically reduce and be destroyed. You will start automatically coming back to the shore every single time you pick up the pen to write. It will be like magic. It can do wonders for you.

We spend a lot of time on emotions and the body, mind and intellect. Emotions are important, after all we are human so we need to laugh and cry. That’s all fine. It’s the thinking that holds us back. When we start to be emotional we see the scene through an emotional haze. This is so bad for us. We have to get into experiences and shift the focus from emotions to those experiences. That is what these 3 questions will help you to do. They will help you get back to the shore and experience the consciousness.

Remember the emotions you see are only appearances. They are the un-real. No matter how real it may seem it is important to realise that is it not real, it is an appearance. So make that shift from emotion to experience.

Skip emotions

Krishna says that all works without exception cultivate in the knowledge of Brahman, which is universal consciousness. All experiences culminate in the consciousness. Even emotions which associate with bad feelings like being sad or hurt will still lead you back to the shore so we should save ourselves the trouble and just go there first. Let’s skip the emotional part and just go straight to the shore. Be seated at your shore, always.

People always say they want to change their lives but we need to change the context. There is the context of the body mind and intellect but the highest is the consciousness. When your change the context you change your life. This will speed up your execution and allow you to get back to the shore really, really fast. You will then be able to do great things.

So keep that journal going. It may work for some in a few days, for some it may work in a few weeks and for some it might be years but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are constantly contacting your director and getting back to the shore. After that time does not matter because you will be receiving God’s grace. So keep going and fill up those pages and experience that wonder.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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