Hello and welcome to episode 68 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about why spirituality will always dominate over science. I will talk about the weakness in science that leaves it in second place and Krishna’s opinion on all of this.

Today’s question comes from Shilpa and Shilpa asks “what’s the difference between science and spirituality? Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Can anyone make it simple?”

The Four

Thanks for the question. When you really know the subject it’s very easy to make it simple. Krishna says that everything in this world is bifurcated into four things: The why, how, what and then when. If you ask these four questions you can get to know everything.

Science explains the how, what and when of creation. By doing this they think they are explaining why but why is a mystery and why is only answered by getting back to our consciousness. Science explains the how, what and when but spirituality explains the why.

Think of a terrorist attack on a plane where everyone dies. People will try to analyse the event and they will explain how it happened. They would go through it step by step and the how would be explained. What and when would also be explained. However no one can explain why. No would could explain why these certain people boarded the plane on that specific day on that specific time. Why were they so unlucky? No one can answer that.

The How, what and when will never be enough for the families of the ones that died. They are not bothered by what when and how. They are only bothered by the why. Science explains the phenomena but not the source of the phenomena, the why.

Another example is a relationship. People get together and then they separate and they say this led to this, and this led to that so we got a divorce. They are all concerned with what, when and how but not the why. They didn’t ask why they came together or why they separated. Why amount the billions of people in the world did they choose each other.



Science explains the beginning and ending of things. It explains everything in steps. It starts and begins with manifestations. By explaining what when and how it thinks it has explained the why. Spirituality begins with why. It begins with the consciousness. Why is a person suffering? Why are we sad? Why were we born? Why was a person born in this place at this time? Why are some people healthy and some so ill? Why are some poor and some rich?

Science tries to explain elements but Krishna says that any element is equal to the consciousness plus the nature of the element. Science has to start from some point and the element that they pick already has a consciousness plus the nature of the element. It tries to explain the nature of the element through manifestation.

Consciousness cannot be created

You cannot create consciousness. This is very important. Science cannot create consciousness. Anything that they touch will already have consciousness and from there, they build. Describing the nature of how consciousness was manifested won’t help. It won’t solve life’s problems. Knowing how the world was created will not solve all the problems in the world. It doesn’t lead us to the source of creation.

Science is great. It helps develop great technologies and lifesaving medicine but when it comes to solving the problems of life and creation it falls short. It falls short because you cannot create consciousness. Everything that is here already has a consciousness and is built from that.

The great ones, through the body, mind and intellect tried to find out who the creator is. Think of when you go to a restaurant. If you have a meal that was really tasty do you thank the waiter? No you want to thank the chef who made and you want to ask him for the recipe. Science asks the waiter.

They do this with other things too. They try to find a pattern in nature and in human beings. Yet they still could not answer the questions mentioned above. They still could not say why we suffer, why some are poor and why some are ill when others are healthy.

Cannot be known

They figured out one thing. The creator cannot be known through its creation. For example let’s say a builder built a house. You cannot really get to know the builder by analysing the house that he built. The consciousness of the builder has been transformed into the building through the sand, bricks and stone. So by analysing the building you will only know a part of the builder. You can never get in touch with the builder because in between the building and the builder are all the executions like the plan, the foundations and the bricks.

Another example, if you read the many books that I have written each one will give you a small idea of who I am but you will never know the whole of me. You will never know all of my personality because you are limited to the words on the page. My consciousness is the book and the words are the delimiters.


You will never fully know the creator by studying creationism. The great ones said that there should be a medium. The body, mind and intellect are the delimiters. The consciousness is transformed into the body, mind and intellect. They drew their minds inwards to break the barriers of body, mind and intellect to discover a fourth element.

Universe is consciousness

They merged with the consciousness and then they figured out that the universe is consciousness. This is because of the consciousness of god. That consciousness is present in every single human being and in every single element in this world. This was the subjective. They figured out that if you could rest in this consciousness then you would be full of happiness, joy and appendance.

Spirituality focuses on the character, the greatness by tapping into the consciousness. If you want to know god you must become god. Every human being can become god. We have this power. You are equal to consciousness plus your nature.

Science deals with the objective side but spirituality deals with the subjective style. You cannot create consciousness it is present in everyone and everything and a creator cannot be known through his creations.

Knowing the consciousness is inside of you is the start of why. When you know this you can easily answer when, what and how. Science does it backwards but when you know the consciousness you know the self.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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