Hello and welcome to episode 69 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today’s video is part two of why science comes second to spirituality.

If you haven’t read the last article then I would strongly suggest you do so before reading this.

So in yesterday’s video we spoke about how science talks about what, when and how. Spirituality deals with why? Everything in the world is covered by these 4 questions. Science thinks by answering what when and how that it is automatically answering the why but it doesn’t.

Consciousness and nature

Another important thing we talked about is that any element in the universe is equal to the consciousness plus the nature of the element. The consciousness is already there and everything comes from it. The most important thing we talked about is the fact that no one can create consciousness. Every phenomena from beginning to end starts with consciousness. Remember consciousness has no beginning and no end so it exists before and after everything.

Science speaks about everything that is manifested from the consciousness. The thing is that none of that really matters. The consciousness is everything. If there is no consciousness then nothing would exist. It is very important to understand this. If you cannot create consciousness then every other discovery is of little use to us. It will only be important to the discoverer and the people who want to make money from it. The rest of humanity is still left with why? Why are people sad? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are some people healthy while some are so ill?

In spirituality we focus on the consciousness because this is where everything comes from so everything else is not really a concern. We also learned that the creator cannot be known through his creations. You could spend your life discovering every leaf, every mountain and every animal but you cannot full know the creator through them.

Science is great when it focuses on medicine and technology. The creative ones wanted to figure out how the consciousness becomes an angel or a devil. We see such much suffering in the world but we also see so much good too. They wanted to know the ones who did great things. People like Krishna, Christ and Buddha. They also wanted to know why people suffer so much. Why are some people so sad and why do some have to live in such poverty. They wanted to know how the consciousness shifted in those people to create pain or sadness.

The angel or the devil?

This was the basis of all spirituality: how the consciousness becomes an angel or a devil. Just like the scientists they went out and tried to find answers. They looked everywhere. When they couldn’t find anything they realised that the answer was within themselves all of the time. They then realised that they needed to draw their minds inwards. They found that the body, mind and intellect are delimiters. You cannot embrace consciousness through the body, mind and intellect. The body, mind and intellect has come from the consciousness so like must meet like.


They drew their minds in and in doing so they discovered two things: the field and the field knower. Everything related to the consciousness is categorized as the flied knower. Anything that is manifested from the consciousness is known as the field. The field is the angel or devil and the field knower is pure consciousness.

Krishna says “I am the field knower also present in the field.” He is the consciousness but he is also present in the manifestations of the consciousness. So there is nothing I this world which is without Krishna or without a consciousness. Krishna also says “that which is without me, mobile or stationary exists not to Arjun.”

The great ones wanted to figure out how this happened so they drew their minds in and discovered this spirit that dwelled within them. They figured out that the consciousness became an angel or a devil through the three gunas. The sattvic, rajasic or tamasic gunas. Sattvic is divine, rajasic is intellectual and tamasic is instinctual.

The gunas

The conscious became delimited through the three gunas: Sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. The consciousness was delimited through the form of the body, mind and intellect. This was how ignorance seeped in and how the consciousness appeared to be like a devil. The consciousness does not become the devil. It is only an appearance. This was such an important discovery because it was the basis for everything.

Any work that is done in this universe is through the three gunas. Without them no one would exist. They figured out that all suffering is because of ignorance of the gunas. Krishna says that this is the highest knowledge. Krishna says “he who sees the supreme lord dwelling in all beings alike. The imperishable in the things that perish sees in thee for seeing the lord as the same present everywhere, it does not destroy the self. By the self it goes on to achieve the highest goal.”


What this means is that in every being there is the self. If you take away the gunas and the script then everyone is the same. What makes us different is the duality. This is why the consciousness appears to be different. It’s the gunas that changes the appearance of the consciousness. Take this away and there is only singularity.

The wise beings drew themselves inwards. Krishna says “with the senses controlled, mind controlled with evenness of mind perform work. This evenness is yoga. He is the same in honor and disgrace, friend and foe, cold and warm pain and pleasure for he is detached.”

Draw your mind in

When you practice the yoga of Krishna by drawing your mind in you will be able to bask in the bliss of the consciousness. This wonderful positive energy will be reflected from you and everyone around you will feel wonderful too. Every single being will be full of happiness, joy and appendance.

Our inability to draw our minds in is the cause of all ignorance. All suffering and ignorance will cease to exist once you come in contact with the consciousness. So the first step is to destroy that gunas. Don’t let it get in the way of connect with your inner self.

Detachment and glory

The second step is to be detached from the script. Anything can happen, this is because of karma so there is no point in worrying about it. No matter what happens your consciousness is not affected. The devil or angel is just an appearance.

The third step is simply to bask in the glory of the jiva. When you do this every single being will turn into a powerhouse of happiness and joy. People will give before they take, they will be kind to one another. If you focus on your consciousness everything after that will fall into place. There will be no suffering or sadness.

Is a world without suffering and sadness less important than knowing the mechanics of the big bang? No it is not. The most important thing is happiness because when we are happy and connected to the consciousness we can do anything.

I hope I have answered your questions. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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