Hello and welcome to episode 56 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to continue on from our last conversation about changing the world.

We had a lot of questions about episode 55 so if you haven’t seen that one yet I would recommend watching it before this one. In the last episode we spoke about spiritual help and how it is the highest form of help, above physical and intellectual.

We spoke about spiritual help – like charity work, intellectual help – like helping someone find a job and finally spiritual help- helping someone to draw their mind in and connect with their consciousness.

So let’s talk a little more about spiritual help. Why is it so important?


Firstly Krishna says we need to give up the attitude of wanting to change the world. The great one say that we should not want to change anyone or anything. Have this attitude starting from now. Tell yourself that the only thing you want to change is the direction of your mind. You want it to be directed towards your consciousness.


This is one of the most challenging tasks on the world because for years we have been told that we must change the world but they are just fooling themselves. The only thing we should be trying to change is the direction of our minds. Trying to change the world will drive you mad. You’ll end up tearing yourself apart. You’ll never be able to connect with your consciousness if you do this.

A poor world

So what is that really makes the world poor? The world is poor because of the anger craving, doubt, hatred jealous and revenge. The pain just keeps changing hands. Revenge and hatred never really goes away. You think the situation has changed but really the problems have just moved elsewhere. How do we dissolve this pain? To solve the problem someone has to be willing to draw that pain inwards.

For example imagine there are two people in a house arguing. One accuses the other and vice versa. The pain never goes away it just moves back and forth. If one person decides they can’t forgive someone because they believe they have done nothing wrong then nothing will ever change. The pain will always remain. The energy of the whole house is disturbed.

The problem is the same worldwide. If you add up all the pain, anger, hatred and doubt you’ll see that this is what it making the world a poorer place. It is a huge challenge.

The source of pain

Vivekananda says that everyone is worried about the source of pain and because of this pain just keeps changing its name and form. It never disappears. So how do we solve this?

What would happen if you were able to forgive? Regardless of who is right and who is wrong you should try and forgive the other person. So how do we do this? We do this by embracing our consciousness. Only in your consciousness will you find endurance, forgiveness, empathy and compassion. What would happen if you could forgive someone who causes you trouble? What will happen is anger, jealousy, hatred and revenge will disappear. The other person will then see your forgiveness. It will be reflected in them and they too will be free of hatred, anger and revenge. It will be a chain reaction.


If you keep looking for the source of pain you will never win. It will always come knocking at your door. Pain must be dissolved by drawing your mind inward and embracing your consciousness. Do this and when you think, speak or act you’ll do it without doubt, anger or fear. They will be dissolved immediately.


Someone must take charge of pain and accept it. We all must take responsibility by ensuring that we all embrace our consciousness.

Krishna says: “Fix your mind on me. Let your understanding be absorbed in me, henceforth doubtless shall you reside in me”

Say these words to yourself every morning. Doing this will help you kill the pain before it reaches the surface. Imagine if there was no anger, pain, hatred jealousy or revenge. The world will be a wonderful place.

It can be done. It’s not rocket science. You don’t need to be genius or be wealthy.  It just takes the cooperation of every single person. We all need to take responsibility for this. We all need to look within ourselves. Meditate every day and get in touch with your consciousness.


The nature of the consciousness is bliss. So even if you’re full of anger you can train your mind to do inwards and dissolve than pain and become happy. All the great beings say that this is possible. We just need to teach each other.

If you don’t dissolve it, it gets thrown out. Stop this by sitting down and meditating. Don’t try to change anyone or anything. Just say to yourself that you want to change the direction of your mind. This way all pain will be dissolved into your consciousness. Do this and you will be full of bliss.

Energy before economics

Worry about this first and then worry about helping people physically and intellectually. Remember, a country should not be known for its economics but for its energy and its ability to practice dharma.

Energy comes first. Economics second.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.


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