Hello and welcome to episode 105 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about sounds and mantras in Hinduism.

Today’s question comes from rob and he says “there are so many sounds and mantras in Hinduism. Which ones are the easiest and most fruitful?

Thanks for the question Rob. You’re right there are a lot of them but I’m sure we can help you understand them and find one that works for you.

Creation and sound

I want you to think of something. Could you think of “sun” if the word “sun” did not exist? No you couldn’t, it would be impossible. The word has to exist before the thought can happen. The words are made of letters and the letters are nothing but sound. So sounds become words, words become thoughts and thoughts become objects. This is how the universe was manifested. All creation begins with sound.

So of all the sounds what is the greatest sound symbol? Every religion has a symbol. In Christianity it’s the cross and in Islam it’s the half moon and star. The great sages went to the depths of sound to find the greatest one. They came with the sound AUM. Now this is not a word. I am just writing it so you can get a feel for it. Don’t think of it as a word just think of the sound it makes.


It is the most powerful sound because it exists in every other sound in the world. The sound A is the root sound. It is pronounced without touching the roof of the mouth or the palette. The sound of U starts deep within your throat and goes right to the end of the sounding board. It’s a really long sound. It represents the entire progress of sounds from the root to the end of the sounding board. The sound M requires you to close your lips so it represents the end of sound, the dissolution. So A U and M together represent the sound matrix. Every sound in the universe has this combination.

Separate thought

The sound of AUM is very powerful and it actually has nothing to do with religion. Anyone can do this. Sound is the easiest way medium to use to connect with the consciousness. You can meditate on the sound and imagine it travelling up and down your body. It can really help with pain, be it mental or physical. You can pass this sound through those areas. The vibrations can flow through them at help to ease the pain by removing yourself from the thought. Just like we learned earlier. Water can separate from the wave and sound can also be separated from the thought. That’s what you are doing when you chant this sound.
This sound is so powerful. The great sages would meditate on it for hours. Try it for even ten minutes at a time. You’ll find it really helpful. You’ll be able to feel the vibrations separating you from your thoughts and you’ll be able to find your way back to the shore. When you withdraw from the thought using AUM all pain will disappear. It really is that powerful.

Krishna says “three fold is the reference to Brahman. Brahman is the universal consciousness. AUM, TAT and SAT”. AUM is the complete sound matrix, TAT represents giving up the desire for fruits and withdrawing the gunas. After that comes SAT which means you start manifesting whatever it is you want. That’s why Krishna says out of all the mantras and hymns he is the Gayatri mantra.


If you watch the video at 9.32 you will see an example of the Gayatri mantra. I will write the sounds here so you will have them for further reference:



This is chanted in many homes across the Hindu world. It is chanted before the fire. It’s like a prayer to the sun god. According to Krishna this is the most powerful mantra you can chant. The sound AUM means that everything that is created is inside of you. When you start with AUM you get in touch with the consciousness. This is how the entire universe was manifested by God. It happened through this mantra. The earth was created through the vibrations of these sounds. As were the gunas and other spheres. It is the entire power of manifestation within you. This is what this mantra is saying. This energy is centred inside the greatest temple on earth, your consciousness.

It also happens when you sleep. When you sleep you swallow the entire universe into your consciousness and when you wake up you manifest the entire universe from your consciousness. This is the power of the vedic metres.


The manifestation, this strength and energy is within you. You just need to embrace the power. With this power you can then manifest the consciousness through your karma. Vivekananda says that any work that helps with the manifestation of the consciousness is great work.

So Rob meditate on the sound of AUM because it’s so beautiful and powerful. I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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