Hello and welcome to episode 75 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part two on the topic of superstition.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s episode, which is episode number 74 then I highly suggest you read that first so you can fully benefit from this one.

Yesterday we talked about a great superstition which is thinking that you are the body, you are the mind and you are the intellect. People tend to blame themselves for their thoughts and actions and we learned at this is not right because we cannot choose our thoughts. They are driven by the gunas.

Cannot choose

We learned that because you cannot choose a thought you must be detached from it. Like the ocean is detached from the waves. Your job is not to manifest thoughts it is to destroy the gunas. The opposite is hammered into us in life but we need to stop this, it has almost become a disease. When you destroy the gunas you will be able to connect with the consciousness.

We have always been taught that there is a thought, action and event. We are told that it has a beginning and an end when the truth is that there is no beginning and no end. It is the gunas that push thoughts to the surface and these are the force behind every action. These gunas are behind such emotions as pleasure, anger and power and they are what make the mind go out. We come into this world with a script and a timeline and is it moves forward it pushes these gunas to the surface. There is nothing else in this world except the script and the gunas. Period.


It’s is a cycle. Think of it like a film the script goes out and the director makes more movies and more scripts go out. The more you rely on the body mind and intellect the more thoughts are pushed and the more your mind goes out. We need to break that cycle by destroying the gunas. You need to get to the heart of the matter and the heart of the matter here is the consciousness. That is what you need to connect with. If you keep manifesting thoughts it will cloud you and you will never be content. This baggage means that life will continue over and over.

Krishna says “with the senses controlled, mind controlled with evenness of mind perform work. This evenness is yoga. He is the same in honor and disgrace, victory and defeat, cold and warm pain and pleasure for he is detached.”

You are the light

Krishna says you are not a manufacturer of events, you are the point of light. The body mind and intellect is a box that contains the gunas. All this does is move the timeline ahead. Beyond all this is the jiva. This is the highest nature. We are the light that cannot be touched. Krishna says “Him the weapons cannot cut, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, wind cannot dry. The self cannot be cut, dried, burned or wetted…Eternal, all pervasive, stable, immovable, everlasting the Self Reigns”

The important thing to understand that as the force of the vibrations increases the manifestations become more subtle. The force of anger will die down and rise again as love. Even the idea that we want to manifest thoughts is an indicator that our vibrations are low. When they rise you will be full of love and you will want nothing else in life. Know that you are the point of light and this will help raise your vibrations.

Physical and psychic

Krishna says that the lowest forces are physical and in the body and matter can be sensed. This means you can touch your arms and hands. If you can see it and touch it then it is physical but this is a low force. As the vibration increases the force becomes psychic. These are things that are happening in other worlds. Matter in this level is very fine and it allows you to do things very quickly. As you keep increasing the vibrations matter and force become one. They become so close that you cannot distinguish them, like the blades on a moving fan. At the highest level everything is energy. At the lowest level everything is physical.

Vibration and delusion

The highest level is like god who has no circumference but his centre is everywhere. At this stage you cannot distinguish between mater and force. When you increase the vibrations you also increase the concentration of love. You will be practising Sama Darshana and you will see God in everyone and everything. You will see this light in everyone. Krishna says “he who sees the supreme lord dwelling in all beings alike. The imperishable in the things that perish sees indeed for seeing the lord ass the same present everywhere. He does not destroy the self by the self and goes on to achieve the highest goal.”


The gunas are deceptive. It leads us to believe that we are different from one another. The moment your vibrations rise you will see that God lies in the heart of the consciousness of you and everyone around you. Our differences are only the plays of the gunas. I want this new way of thinking to be popular. I want people to see that the real wealth is in high vibrations. This was the belief of all the great men such as Krishna, Christ and Buddha.  Those great men could amass vibrations that were unbelievably high but today people only care about amassing material wealth. Material wealth cannot bring true happiness or joy. You can only be truly happy by increasing your vibrations.

When you get close to your consciousness you can produce millions of vibrations. To start with try producing 5 in a day and that will be enough to get you started. The great ones say that one high vibration kills one thousand low vibrations. Imagine a world without bitterness, hatred and anger. This can be obliterated immediately if everyone had even a few higher vibrations. When we increase our vibrations the structure of the thought, action and event collapses. When this happens all that is left is the light.

Krishna says “rejecting the prescription of the shastras and living a desire ridden life one does not attain happiness. Therefore the shastras  should be your guide as regards what should and what should not be done. Knowing this you ought to perform your work here oh Arjuna.”

Embrace happiness

Happiness is only given to those who embrace the light within the consciousness. It is not attained by running after the gunas.

Krishna says happiness is nothing but what is available at the surface of the ocean. If you get nothing else then you just need this. The thoughts at the surface will determine whether you will be happy or not. Remember it only takes one high vibration to destroy thousands lower vibrations.

I hope I answered your questions. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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