Hello and welcome to episode 76 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part 3 of the greatest superstition in this world.

If you haven’t read the last two episodes, episodes 74 and 75 then I would highly recommend that you do so. It will mean that you will get the maximum benefit from this episode. We got such a great response that I decided to do another episode.


Krishna says: the clearer the lens, the sharper the image. I want you to take a pen and write that phrase down because it’s really important. The clearer the lens, the sharper the image. We cannot change the picture in front of us. We just don’t have the power to do that but we can change the lens on the camera. We can change the lens to get a sharper image and the same should be applied to our daily lives.

Our job is to make sure our lens is clear. We need to make sure that our lens is the sharpest and the cleanest. Krishna says the greatest lens is the lens of the consciousness. The greatest superstition is viewed through the lens of the body, mind and intellect. We need to avoid seeing the world through this lens. We need to see it through our consciousness like all the great ones do.

The body, mind and intellect

We learned before that the greatest superstition is saying you are the mind, you are the body and you are the intellect. We need to use the knowledge of the consciousness not the knowledge of the body, mind and intellect. We also learned that we need to halt this disease like behaviour of manifesting thoughts. Krishna says that we need to destroy our gunas.

We learned in the last episode that there are 3 types of Gunas: sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. Sattvic is divine, rajasic is intellectual and tamasic is instinctual. We need to stop manifesting thoughts and we need to destroy those three gunas. We need to destroy them by drawing them in. This is what will help us connect with the consciousness. This is what will make your lens clearer and your picture sharper.


Another point that led to a lot of emails was the fact that you cannot choose a thought. You can only be detached from your thoughts. The idea that you can choose a thought is one of the biggest myths alive today. We talked about some examples which we will expand on today to give more clarity.

5 powerful thoughts

So what does it mean to say you cannot choose a thought? I want you to imagine that you are a lake. Whatever is at the surface of that lake will determine whether we will be happy or not. Krishna says our job is to have 5 powerful thoughts at the surface. We don’t do that by choosing them because we can’t choose them. It is our gunas that force those thoughts to the surface. We then pick from those thoughts at the surface.

This is what leads us to think we are choosing, because we pick from those at the surface but the truth is the gunas has pushed those thoughts up. We have billions of thoughts but we can only pick from what the gunas has forced to the surface. The gunas works on our timeline and our script to push certain thoughts up. I hope you understand this, that the reality is that we do not choose our thoughts.

Force those thoughts

We do not have the power to choose which thoughts are pushed up. Only the force of the guns can do this. We are forced to do this by the gunas. It does not work by thought, action and event. It works because of the force of the gunas. They will force you to think those thoughts at the surface and then you will act on those thoughts.

Krishna says you don’t need to worry about these thoughts under the surface. It doesn’t matter if you have a million bad thoughts under the surface of your sub consciousness. The only thing that matters is what is there are the surface. All we need to is to bring 5 powerful thoughts to the surface. This is the key to all of this. The thoughts underneath do not matter you only need to bring the powerful ones to the surface.

Krishna says “even if a man of wicked nature worships me exclusively he is indeed deemed worthy for his resolution is strong” So remember your happiness is defined by the thoughts at the surface. All we have to do is bring 5 powerful thoughts to the surface. We can’t do it by choosing because we can’t choose.


The light

Krishna says we need to stop manifesting thoughts and get closer to the light of the consciousness. Draw your gunas in. When you do that something magical will happen. Your sattvic gunas will be activated. When this happens it won’t matter if you have millions of bad thoughts beneath the surface, the sattvic gunas will ensure those powerful thoughts are pushed to the surface. It won’t take long for this to happen because it’s already three inside of you. It doesn’t matter if you are the best or worst person it will still be there inside of you.

Krishna says “it is the sovereign science, the sovereign mystery, the best of purifiers it’s apprehension is immediate and it is easy to attain.” When this happens your sattvic will be activated immediately and those powerful thoughts that make you happy will be pushed to the surface. You will feel so happy and you will be full of joy and appendance and you will have the power to do great things.

If you don’t do this you will suffer. Remember that the gunas have their own agenda. The gunas are not concerned with your happiness and your needs. To stop this you need to destroy the gunas. That will stop you manifesting thoughts and will bring you closer to the light of your consciousness. It doesn’t matter how much or how little sattvic gunas you have. Even a little will be enough to push those powerful thoughts up.

If we could all only push just 5 powerful thoughts up then the world would be a much better place and all superstition would disappear immediately.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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