Hello and welcome to episode 29 of the Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk you about why you should never ever give up on your goals and dreams.

Today’s question is from Patrick and he says “I’ve worked really hard to try and achieve my goals. I put in a lot of effort but I haven’t been able to achieve the desired result. Even after a decade. What should I do?”

Hi Patrick. It’s so heart breaking when this happens. Know this though. You are very close to the light. I’m not saying this just to try and console you I really mean it


Firstly. I want to do what Krishna or Christ would do if they were here. I want to congratulate you.  If you can persevere for 10 years then your goal must be so high. You had the courage to pursue something that was really important. You must have such courage and it’s really admirable. Not many people can do this. Forget for a moment that you’re not achieving your goals. I want you to give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself. It’s a wonderful asset to have.


Commitment and perseverance

Secondly I want you to know that you have shown an impressive level of commitment and perseverance. Commitment and perseverance are wonderful qualities to have. Some people would do anything to have these qualities. You worked hard for ten years so work hard for another ten years if think it’s important and you think you will eventually succeed.  You can change routes and channels but commitment and perseverance are two things that will help you get to where you need to be.


Krishna says the main factor between achieving your goal and not achieving your goal is time. Don’t blame yourself. Across the world there are prime ministers and presidents, people who in power who are quite mad and you’d wonder how they came to be there in the first place. Krishna says their time for fructification has come. When the time for fruit comes you will get to where you need to be regardless of what you do or don’t do.


Our achievements in life, think of them as fruits. For that fruit to ripen a seed must have been sown at some point.  How we react to situations are the seeds that will become the fruit in the future.

Remember you are not to blame. It’s just a question of time. If time changes in your favour you will immediately achieve your goals. Keep persevering and committing. Never give up.

I highly suggest you meditate on this poem by Vivekananda:

If the sun by the cloud is hidden a bit,

If the welkin shows but gloom,

Still hold on yet a while, brave heart,

The victory is sure to come.

No winter was but summer came behind,

Each hollow crests the wave,

They push each other in light and shade;

Be steady then and brave.

The duties of life are sore indeed,

And its pleasures fleeting, vain,

The goal so shadowy seems and dim,

Yet plod on through the dark, brave heart,

With all thy might and main.

Not a work will be lost, no struggle vain,

Though hopes be blighted, powers gone;

Of thy loins shall come the heirs to all,

Then hold on yet a while, brave soul,

No good is e’er undone.

Though the good and the wise in life are few,

Yet theirs are the reins to lead,

The masses know but late the worth;

Heed none and gently guide.

With thee are those who see afar,

With thee is the Lord of might,

All blessings pour on thee, great soul,

To thee may all come right!

Meditate on this poem Patrick. I think it will really help you.

Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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