Hello and welcome to episode 90 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. This has been a great journey and I’d like to thank you all for watching and reading.

Today I want to talk about how to be there here and everywhere. How does God appear everywhere at the same time?

Today’s question comes from Nerad and Nerad asks “How are men of God everywhere? How can they be in different places at the same time? I have read many stories where this happens.”

I want to tell you a story that will help to explain things. This is a story about Ramana Marishi who was a great sage who lived in south India and became very popular in the west.

A devotee

There was a man who was about 50 years of age who was very interested in seeing God. He would ask people if they had seen God ad they would just turn around and laugh at him. They asked him what he had done and he said nothing. They said that he would not be able to see God then. He argued with them saying if God was everywhere and inside everyone then why should it take so many years? He even went to holy temples to ask the great sages if they could help him see God in 3 days but they just laughed at him.

People made fun of him but his desire was genuine so he kept going. Years later when he was living with his wife he would still ask the same questions. The wife became frustrated with him and told him to just go to work instead of worrying about seeing God.

Eventually he got a job interview and he travelled by train to get to it. When he was travelling back home he stopped to get some food. As he was eating he saw a monk pass by. He ran to catch up with the monk and he asked him if he had seen a man of God in any of the holy places he had visited. He said yes that there was one person and his name was Ramana Marishi he lived in south India.

The man decided to take the long difficult journey to see him. After a long tiring journey he eventually reached his destination. When he had gathered all of his belongings and went to find the address where Ramana lived. When he reached the place and saw him he was shocked. It was the same monk he had met when he was eating food at the diner. He was so frustrated. He thought this monk was making a fool out of him. He had travelled all this way for nothing.


A fraud?

He was about to leave when a man stopped him and asked him why he was leaving when he had just arrived. He told him to get lost. He didn’t want to be around frauds so he told this man what had happened to him. The man looked at him in confusion. He said it couldn’t have been the same monk in the diner because Ramana had not left that temple in 20 years. The man explained that there have been 3 or 4 incidents where he has appeared to people miles and miles away but he has not left this place in 20 years.

At that point the man’s anger dissolved and he realised that there was something special going on here. This man who he thought was a fraud was actually God in disguise.

Men of God have the power to appear before devotee’s who are true seekers. They can appear in various forms at the same time in the same place. They do not have to be physically present it is their consciousness that travels. It is important to understand that when there is a real urge in the devotee then God can and will appear before them in various different forms at the same time at the same place.

There is no barrier to consciousness. In Raja yoga there is a verse that says “by performing samyana on the body the perception of the form is obstructed. The manifestation of the eye being separated the form appears unseen.”

Visible and invisible

This means that you can become invisible. You can then only be visible to those who want to see you. When you are a wave you have a name and from but when you become the water it is like there is no wave. When the wave becomes the water the name and form are dissolved into it. The water is the consciousness. When you withdraw your gunas you are becoming the water and dissolving the wave of body and form. It is very simple but very profound.

When your wave disappears then the wave in the one seeking you will also disappear.  Let’s say you are in a mall and you want to become invisible to certain people. Like the water you must withdraw your gunas and you will be invisible. You are only visible because your gunas is being projected from you. When the water becomes the wave then other waves can see you but when the waves become the water you will be invisible.



This is important for communication. So when your wave disappears the thought in the other person will also disappear.

So to apply this to your life. Let’s see someone is bothering you. This is because you have a wave and are visible to them. You need to become the water and be perfectly calm and serene. The wave will dissolve and the person who was bothering you will also have their thoughts dissolved. They will never have the attitude to trouble you then. They are troubling you because you are projecting your gunas so you need to withdraw it and dissolve it into the water. Once you do that you can merge with the consciousness and you can communicate with anyone, anywhere.

So as part of Samyana you first focus your mind completely on the consciousness.  Allow your mind to fall back on it. With Dhyana you take vibrations only from the consciousness. Then you become the consciousness.  When you do this all of your gunas will be destroyed and you become the water.

When you do this you can travel anywhere. Your physical self will remain but your consciousness can be here, there and everywhere. You can practice this daily. When someone bothers you withdraw into your consciousness. Dissolve the wave and watch their attitude just disappear into the water.

When you do this you will also want to communicate with people and you will want to send out good vibrations. So you need to be like the great ones. Instead of communicating through your thoughts, communicate through resolve. By this we mean resolve into the dharma, the consciousness.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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