Hello and welcome to episode 89 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about the easiest way to surrender all of your problems to God.

Today’s question comes from Karen and she says “I would like to know how to surrender my problems to god. How does this happen? I would love to be able to learn this skill.”

Thanks for the question Karen. Krishna says “Fix your mind on me. Let your understanding be absorbed in me. Henceforth doubtless you shall reside in me. Surrendering all works to me. Knowing me Krishna to be of all. With a concentrated mind fox your mind on me. Fixing your mind on me you will overcome all obstacles due to my divine grace.”

So if you surrender to God and fix your mind on him you can overcome anything. If you put your mind out and demand that you can solve all of your own problems you will only get into trouble.

I want to tell you a powerful story that was once told my Ram Krishna Paramhansa. There was a great devotee of Rama, who is a revered God here in in India. This person would spend a lot of time reading his work and chanting his name.

The will of Ram

One night in the village robbers had looted a house and were running away. While running they passed the devotee’s house. They knew they could not outrun the police so they threw what they had stolen into the devotee’s house through the open window. The police passed the house and saw all of the stolen items inside. They thought they had found the looter so they arrested him and took him to court.

The judge asked him to explain himself and what had happened. He said by the will of Ram he was preparing to sleep by praying to God. By the will of Ram he saw the robbers throw their loot through his window. By the will of Ram there was a knock at the door by the police. By the will of ram he opened the door and by the will of Ram the police searched the house, found the loot and arrested him. By the will of Ram he was taken to the police station and by the will of ram he stood before the judge on that day.

The judge looked up and saw that the whole village had come to support this man. They knew he was a saint and would never harm another or take another person’s belongings. The judged looked at the man. He smiled and said “by the will of Ram I set you free. You may go.”

This way of speaking is used a lot in Islam but not so much in other religions. When you do such a simple thing, attributing everything to Gods will it means you are surrendering to him. This man surrendered everything to the will of Ram. He trusted that Ram would guide him and he did. He had completely withdrawn his gunas and torn his ego apart.

Through you

When you do this you will notice a shift. Instead of things happening to you, you will realise that they actually happen through you. Narrate everything as if you are a third party witness. The man did not say that he was praying. He said that by the will of Ram he was praying. All of his works were done through Ram. His mind was fixed on Ram. He is the consciousness, the looter is the consciousness and the police were the consciousness. Everything is the consciousness. He was detached from everything and looked at everything as a 3rd part narrator.


Be the medium

Be the director of the script and narrate the scene. Instead of things happening to you they will happen through you and you will be detached and unaffected. It may seem like a simple thing to do and yes it is but it is also profoundly powerful. It will change your perspective on everything in life. You will become the medium instead of the doer. You don’t solve problems your problems get solved through you.

You can try this on any problem in life be it relationships, health or money. Instead of worrying and putting your mind out to be disturbed just take a step back and take a deep breath in. Close your eyes and say by the will of God this problem will be solved. Immediately you will feel calmer because you will know that you are no longer the doer. You will not be trapped by time and the gunas .You will be the medium and the God will help you solve your problems. You will only be the witness. You just need to will God and your consciousness to do it for you.


When you surrender to Gods will you will be detached and in turn you will be completely unaffected no matter what the outcome will be. Remember in earlier episodes we talked about the waves and the ocean. When you do this your ocean will be calm and you will be able to dissolve those crashing waves. You can separate the water from the wave . It’s such a simple but powerful tool.


So when bad things happen to you. If someone does something to you or you lose money or have a health issue do not say that this happened to you. Say by the will of God this happened to you. Just try it. Try narrating your life through God and you will see yourself change from the doer to the medium very quickly. You will be able to do anything without any transformations happening and you will be able to stop immediately reacting to everything. Just use that simple phrase at the beginning of every sentence: By the will of – .

I can explain it in an even easier way. Think of when you watch the news. The reporter must report the fact while being detached from the situation. Yes he can feel the sadness or the happiness depending on the story but he cannot react to it. He or she is always impartial because they are just a medium for delivering the story. You must be like that reporter. You must let God deliver his message through you. Like the reporter sees through the camera man’s lens you must look through God’s lens.

So Karen fix your mind on God and surrender to God. I guarantee that after one week you will see a change. You will be free from the gunas and you be unaffected by everything around you.

I hope I answered your question. You keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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