Hello and welcome to episode 129 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about the tendency to feel unworthy to receive God’s grace and how to overcome this flaw.

Today’s question comes from Suzanne and she says “I have this deep rooted feeling that I don’t have what is required to get to the heart of the consciousness to receive God’s grace. Despite all my efforts I fail. Please guide me.

Thanks for the question. I just know you are so close and the only thing stopping you is this feeling of being unworthy. You need to overcome this feeling. It’s a big leap but we are going to take it.

Unworthy or eligible?

The great ones say there is a great difference between eligibility and unworthiness. Unworthiness means the feeling that you have committed so many things wrong that you cannot receive God’s grace because you are a sinner. Some people think they are unworthy because they are just ordinary people and think they have not done anything to receive this merit.

As the time line moves things will just happen and it’s very important to understand that this way of thinking comes from the ignorant mind. The great ones say this ability is already inside you. You don’t have to do anything to receive it if it’s already there. You just need to get to it.

Eligibility means you can only get to the consciousness if you know the spiritual law, become the spiritual law and manifest the spiritual law. This is how you up your eligibility. All you need is to know and become spiritual law. The consciousness will not differentiate between a saint and a sinner. Krishna makes that very clear. “Even if a man of wicked nature worships me exclusively he is indeed deemed worthy for his resolution is right.” Exclusivity is the key. This is what makes him worthy.

Know spiritual law

If you know the spiritual laws and know there is a consciousness within you which is greater than your mind body and intellect then all you need to do is fall back on it and hand over your problems to God. People try to solve all their problems but then they can’t handle it and they get angry and upset. Krishna wants you to give him your problems but people don’t do it.

Think of it this way. The door of a car will open regardless of whether it is the owner or a thief trying to open it, as long as they have the right key the car does not care. They key here is spiritual law and if you just follow it, it will work like a charm. You don’t understand how, what and when you just need to follow it. The owner of the car knows that the car only opens because he has the key, not because he is a good or bad person.

I am not saying you can just do bad things and never have to deal with the consequences, that is dealt with by the laws of karma but as for the consciousness – you can always have god’s grace if you worship him exclusively and understand spiritual law. You near to hear it, understand it and then keep on practicing it.

I want to share a story that I think will really help you. There was a wonderful person who had a lot of penance and the ability to communicate with Krishna. Whatever he asked Krishna for, he received it. One day a member of the village was going through a terrible time in his relationship so he went to this man and asked him to tell Krishna and ask him why he was suffering. He told the man to come to him the next morning and he would ask Krishna.

Ask the right questions

The next morning he asked Krishna and Krishna said it was because of what had happened in a previous lifetime. He was suffering because of his karma. The man relayed this back to the villager and told him not to worry as it would go away as the timeline moved.

Then another village came and told him that he could not bear this suffering anymore and he begged him to ask Krishna to remove it. Again the man told him to come the next morning. He asked Krishna and Krishna said he would relieve him of all his suffering. The villager was very happy and two weeks later he came back and told the man how happy he was.

Word spread about this man and his abilities but the first villager came to him and complained that Krishna had not helped him, he was still having trouble in his relationship. He wanted to know why the second villager was helped but he was not.

The man turned and explained to the villager that his question was why was he suffering? So he asked and he got the answer. The second villager asked Krishna to relieve him off his suffering so that’s what he did.

Whatever you ask for, you get. The first villager only asked why? So he got his answer. The second was not worried about why when and how. He only wanted to be relieved of it so that was what Krishna did for him. The second villager surrendered to Krishna completely.

This is why you must be careful when you ask the great ones for something because you will get exactly what you asked for. It is so important to surrender and directly ask for them to solve your problems. Don’t worry about the what, why and when. That’s not important.

Doubt and lack of faith

The big problem is that people have doubt. If you think it might not work then it won’t work. Lack of faith and ignorance of spiritual law are what blocks them. This is what will only make you want to know the why.

This man knew the spiritual laws and this is why he was able to communicate so successfully. He was clear. He did not harbour any doubt or have a lack of faith in any way. He surrendered completely to Krishna and he had complete faith in him.

Think of it like going to a doctor when you are ill. You go to him because you have faith that his knowledge of medicine will make you better. When you fly on a plane you have faith in the pilot to know what he is doing and not crash the plane. Faith is required for every aspect of our lives. When we have faith things will come right in the end.

Knowledge of the world

You need to be careful not to be drenched in the knowledge of the world. This knowledge will keep your faith low. If you think that the only thing that exists is what you can see, hear and touch then your faith in your consciousness will be in great danger.

There is a saying: The more you know about the world, the less you know about yourself. Knowing yourself and creating the gold image is the most important thing in the world. Doing this will ensure you have the key to practice spiritual law and this is what will increase your eligibility.

So remember you are always worthy. All you have to do is surrender to God exclusively. That’s all that is required.

I hope I answered your question. Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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