Hello and welcome to episode 139 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today is part five of what happens after death.

This is a series of episodes so I suggest you watch the last four episodes so you can get a real understanding of what we are talking about. There is some great stuff in those episodes and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

In 135 we spoke about the sacrifice of Nachiketa. How a young buy asked his father to sacrifice his best asset, himself. He was sent to the chamber of death where he met Yama who offered him three boons. For his last boon he wanted to know what happened after death. Yama tried unsuccessfully to distract the boy and in the end, revealed his secrets to him.

In 136 we learned that Yama told him that destruction is only going back to the source. How there are some things that die with the body and some things that do not. The spirit never dies. The spirit is what is important and what we should focus on.

We talked about that source, sound and how all creation began with sound. As before we discussed the most powerful sound in the universe, AUM. We talked about how AUM makes up the entire sound matrix and how mediating on it, feeling it vibrating through every part of your body can really help you get back to your consciousness.

In 137 we spoke about the different realms and how heaven is not the final destination. Heaven is a stop of on a transit journey. If you have not formed the gold image then your stop off in heaven will be used to better equip you in your next life. We also learned that a high level of sattvic gunas ensures a better position in heaven with the greatest teachers.

In 138 we talked about the 5 spheres, the earth sphere, lunar sphere, electric sphere, Brahma Lok and the un manifest. We spoke about the difference between matter and force and how it changes between the spheres because the higher the vibrations the hard it is to distinguish between the two. As you go up through the sphere’s the vibrations get higher so in the Brahma Lok and un manifest you cannot distinguish between particles and force.

We learned that once you reach the electric sphere you do not come back. The great ones exist in the Brahma Lok and have power over everything except creation.

A new body

Today I want to talk about something really interesting. I want to talk about how the consciousness enters the body of a new child.

Krishna says “having reached the vast world of heaven the merits spent one enters into the world of mortals. Seeking pleasure in objects and conforming to the law of the Vedas one attains movement to and from heaven.” This means that if you live by the gunas and do not form the gold image you will be shuttled back and forth between heaven and earth.

Krishna also says “all living beings are born of food. Food is produced due to rain. Rain is due to sacrifice and sacrifice is born of works. Works are born of the Vedas and the Vedas come from the un manifest.

When the wise ones would build a fire and this fire would become on oblation that would bring on rain in the same way that the ocean’s water would be evaporated and turned into rain. This rain will then help the crops grow to provide food. The rain is controlled by the rain god’s but this sacrifice is an offering to them to allow the rain to come.


Sacrifice is born of works. There are four types of people in this world: the Brahmans the wise ones, the Kshatriyas who are the kings who run the country, the Vaishyas who are the agricultural or business people and finally the Shudras who are the commoners. These four categories are prevalent in any society across the world.

In the sattvic times the Brahmans guide the Kshatriyas because they were so full of knowledge and knew what was good for the people at that time. This would mean that their execution was always great. Today the heads of state do whatever they want because they have very little knowledge of the consciousness.

The wise beings used to perform these works and the worlds came from the Vedas which means the gunas which is born from the un manifest. It’s an entire chain of creation that leads all living things to be born of food.

A seed

Vivekananda said the consciousness enters into a seed which then becomes a food plant which the father then eats. It then mixes with the father’s semen and then enters the mother’s womb. So it is the children that find the parents and not the parents producing the children.

I want to share some work with you from my book called “Give up your Excess Baggage.” It’s one of my best books and you can download it on amazon.

“You watch your consciousness guided by the divine intelligence descend from the sky and enter into a grain seed. Over time this seed grows into a food plant and under the supervision of the divine intelligence finds its way into your father’s body and is contained in a drop of semen. This semen enters into your mother’s womb and on the first night in your mother’s womb you watch as the semen containing your consciousness mixes with the ovum to form one unit of the life force called Kalala.

Within five days this mixture ferments into a bubble called Budbuda. By the tenth day it develops into a small lump of flesh in the shape of a brinjal called Karkura. In one month this lump containing your consciousness develops into a head and by the end of two months the fingers, toes, hairs bones and genital openings appear. Within four months the seven essential substances of the body – the skin, flesh, blood, bone, fat, marrow and semen or ovum develops. At the end of five months hunger and thirst are felt and by the end of six months your consciousness is covered by a thin membrane called placenta which allows the fetes to move to the right side of the abdomen if your are a male and left side if you are a female. The fetus containing your consciousness grows by receiving nutrition from the food and drink that are consumed by your mother and passed on through the umbilical cord.

However, you don’t enjoy this whole process as you find your consciousness to be in a very unpleasant place in the midst of all the bodily filth and breeding worms.

Your tender body is bitten all over by these hungry worms and you suffer intensely from the contact of pungent, salty and burning substances eaten by your mother.

As your consciousness goes through this ordeal you also find yourself restricted in your body movements. You remain lying in your mothers womb with your head turned towards your belly such that your back and neck are arched like a bow. You’re unable to move your limbs and your consciousness is denied freedom like a bird in a cage. At this moment of intense suffering a point of light which was always invisibly following your consciousness emerges in front of your being and helps you recall your real nature. It reveals to you all your past actions in previous human lives which has became the reason for your consciousness to manifest another human body.

The point of light shows you all the deep impressions and desires of your earlier life times which went unfulfilled, and which became the cause for the law of karma to help you seek another suitable environment to work out those experiences. All the heroic victories and terrible disappointments of your consciousness are flashed before your eyes one after another. The countless, never ending cycle of births and deaths which your consciousness has been revolving under is brought to your attention by this divine light. The journey of your consciousness which once began in a pure and pristine manner but which became caught up in the world of thoughts and senses are laid bare before you.

As the divine light enlightens you on the real nature of your consciousness you remember the true purpose of your existence. Before the sun, the moon and the earth, before the stars or the comets free long before time was ever born I was, I am and I shall always be.  As you contemplate on this moment of truth your consciousness make a solemn promise to the divine light:

“This human life I will dedicate to knowing and remembering my true divinity. I will not get caught up in the countless desires of my thinking mind and I will direct all my energy to produce actions which lead me to the supreme goal- the Purusha. I will create good karma which over time will wipe out all the cause and effect phenomena of my past actions. I will strive continually to meditate on the highest truth – the true reality of my consciousness”

As you make this resolution the fetus in your mother’s womb is pushed out of the womb in the tenth month. Being thus pushed forcefully your consciousness come out of your mother’s womb head downwards, breathless and deprived of all memory. Cast amidst blood and urine on the floor your consciousness now finds itself wrapped in a baby body nourished by people who don’t understand your needs. From this moment on the world of thoughts and senses gradually begin to influence your consciousness and very soon you again forget your real nature and get caught up in the law of cause and effect. You forget the biggest promise you made to God.”

I hope you enjoyed this extract from my book. We will continue in the next episode but until then you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.

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