Hello and welcome to episode 13 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about chakras and how you can awaken its power.

Today’s question comes from kayzin. She asks “what is the fastest and easiest way to awaken our chakras? I’m struggling a little with it and would like some advice”

The word chakra and the subject of chakra has become very popular over the years in the United States, Europe and everywhere really. The fascinating thing is this: Krishna never spoke of chakra in the Bhagavad Gita, Buddha never spoke about it and neither did Jesus Christ. What did they speak of? They spoke about consciousness.

An effect

I want you to understand that chakra is an effect, not a cause. I want you to have a different perspective on chakra. I don’t want you to waste too much time thinking about it. It’s only an effect. It would be like building a business and focusing on wealth instead of trying to make a good product first. You need the knowledge and hard work first and then the money comes as a positive result.

There is a book that I highly recommend. It’s written by Gopi Krishna and it is called The Evolutionary Energy of Kundalini. If you want to find out more about chakra then this is the only book you need to read. It talks about the two life forces that run through us. One is Ida and the other is pingala. Pingala comes from the right hand side and Ida comes from the left. In his case Kundalini rose from the right hand side, the sun current rose and it consumed him. He struggled a lot.

He went to every sage he could find in India. Not a single one could help him or cure him. Remember none of the great beings ever spoke of chakra. It is only an effect. It’s just something that people are fascinated by. You should be more concerned with the knowledge of the consciousness. I highly recommend that you read the Bhagavad Gita.


Vivekananda says in a poem “who knows which soul and when the mother makes a throne.” “He who makes the dumb speak, the lame cross a mountain, he will help me. If he cannot, none can.”

Ram Krishna says the chakra is like an ant crawling, a fish swimming a snake wriggling and a monkey jumping from tree to tree. It starts at a lower level like the ant crawling them it moves like a fish swimming then the snake wriggling and so on.

It’s important to know that the chakra is nothing more than an awakening of your consciousness. It’s an awareness of the consciousness. The starting point is the heart. They call it the Anata. I am not very familiar with all of the terms because to me it all comes down to realisation so I am not too concerned with all of the details.


So the first step is developing a curiosity of the consciousness. You realise that there is something there. Some power that you get the first scent of. It’s the starting point of spirituality. This happens when your awareness is situated in your heart.


As you follow your curiosity you come to the second step which is immersion. You become completely immersed in your spirituality. At this stage your awareness has risen to your throat. This is called the Vishuda. You’ll spend a lot of time connecting with your consciousness and reading important books like the Bhagavad Gita or the bible. You’ll spend much more time in devotion, realisation and expanding your knowledge. You’ll also be able to apply it to your work but you’ll also be detached.


The third step is realisation. When you reach this step you will see god in every single being. You see god and then you see the nature of the person. Krishna says  “He who sees the supreme lord dwelling in all beings alive, the imperishable, the maya, in the things that perish sees indeed. For seeing the lord as the same present everywhere. He does not destroy the self by the self and goes on to achieve the highest goal.”


This means that you will god dwelling within yourself but you will also be able to see it in others too. You know that what others see is the nature of a person. You know that this is an illusion. You know it is only an appearance and that the real god dwells within. You do not destroy the consciousness by the consciousness. You can see it.  The sages like Krishna, Christ Buddha (and many others) these are the men and women of god who see god.

I came up with a wonderful formula

You = Jiva(which is the consciousness) + the nature of the person

So in my case

Vish= Jiva+ Nature of Vish

Vignesh(myson) = Jiva + Nature of Vignesh

In doing this we find duality. My consciousness sees your consciousness. So take a pen and write this formula down.

You = consciousness + your nature

So remember that the nature of a person is just an illusion and you need to focus more on realisation.


The next step is called Samadhi. Ram Krishna says those who reach this place will seldom return. If I was to experience Samadhi I wouldn’t be able to sit here and speak to you or write this. This is the highest possible state. When you reach this you don’t come back. It’s only the men and women of god who can come back.

Our focus is to be on step two and move to step 3. This is where you need to be. The realisation stage, where you can see god in very single being. Some people stay ignorant. There chakras remain at a lower level where you think the only things that are important are the body, mind and intellect.

With more experience and time you’ll catch the first scent of curiosity. Then it will rise again as you become completely immersed in your spirituality through knowledge love and devotion. Expand your knowledge, increase your devotion and become detached in your work.

Finally you will get to realisation where you will see god in everyone but more importantly you will see god within yourself. This is so important. Krishna says “that which is without me either mobile or stationary exists not to Arjuna.” He exists in everyone.

Like the ant crawling, the fish swimming, the snake wriggling, the bird hoping and the monkey leaping. Visualise this during meditation. Imagine it moving up your body and it will really help you. When you meditate focus on the knowledge of consciousness. Ask for devotion and help. Then visualise the Kundalini rising within you.

I hope this answers your question. You keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.


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