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Hello and welcome to episode 3 of The Ask Sri Vishwanath Show. Today I want to talk about good people. Why don’t they always benefit from the good things that they do?

Today’s episode continues on from yesterday so if you haven’t seen episode 2 I would suggest that you watch that first. A lot of people wanted a more in depth explanation of peace of mind and how it can be disturbed. A lot of people were interested in this topic.

Yesterday I finished filming I went outside. I witnessed something bad happening that would have disturbed my thoughts but I remembered that I should not allow this. I had to look inward and dissolve it.

Then I met a woman who I had a bit of a disagreement with. Again this disturbed my thoughts so I had to turn inwards again. You see, a lot of little things can build up and cloud our thoughts.


So, to the main question. Why do we not benefit from doing good things? We don’t benefit because we allow our minds to be disturbed. We allow our peace of mind to be destroyed by those distractions that appear to be small but end up growing out of our control. Yesterday we talked about these ripples and how important it is to stop them before the turn into waves.

When you start worrying about these waves they become bigger and bigger. They are followed by more ripples which turn into more waves that constantly crash down on you.

We must learn to stop those ripples before they turn into waves. Last night when I got home I had a discussion with my father and then the following morning with my wife. Both of these situations had the potential to cause disturbances but I was able to focus and dissolve them within minutes.


Don’t allow anyone to disturb your mind. You must not let others do it but you must also make sure that you don’t do it yourself either. This so important. You cannot allow your peace of mind to be disturbed. You need to be able to dissolve it within a matter of minutes. If you don’t it will spell trouble for you.


When you have peace of mind you could do one or two good things and feel immense happiness. When your mind is disturbed you could do one hundred good things and feel no benefit from it. Think off all the time and effort you would have wasted.

Fall back

To have peace of mind it’s very important to have something higher to fall back on. It could be a prayer, mediation or doing something important for someone. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just something that you have knowledge of.

So you may be asking. “Why does it matter if my mind is disturbed? Is it really that important?” Yes it is so important. If you allow your mind to be disturbed you will never know the great things in life.

Krishna says “of the secrets I am the silence. With the sense controlled. With the mind controlled. With evenness of mind perform work. This evenness of mind is yoga.”

If you become aware of the first ripple you will be very close to yoga. It’s not rocket science you just need to figure out what works for you. Every morning I read the Bhagavad Gita. I know that I must do this every morning to prepare myself for the day. It will help me catch those ripples. You just need to find out your higher work.


Without peace of mind you will never know about consciousness, the spirit and you’ll never realise your important goals. You’ll never know what will really make you happy.

Remember what we spoke about yesterday. What happens outside is karma but you have complete control over what happens inside.

Start with the small things that irritate you. Find them and draw them inwards. Tell yourself that you are not going to allow yourself to be disturbed by them. Let that be your one goal.


Can you make the commitment? You need to make a promise that you will not let anything disturb your thoughts for more than 60 seconds. Start small and you’ll be victorious. Practice this and I guarantee that within one month you will feel ten times happier. You’ll be more successful and you’ll achieve things quicker than you ever thought possible.

Right now in the world, people are suffering because their minds are weak. Those stones will always be thrown. It could be an event or a person or even a word. With these stones come hatred and anger. Don’t let them take over. Don’t let them get in the way of your goals. Be prepared and it won’t affect you.

Make the commitment today! Remember you keep asking questions and I’ll keep answering them.


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